It’s hard to overstate how monumental your wedding day will be. This is the exact moment when you will officially create a lifelong bond with your partner. What can be more special than that?

But let’s be honest: It can be more important than it actually is fun. When you’re looking for a good time, the bridal shower is the place to be. It comes with much less stress and nervous emotions. Really, it is all about enjoyment and spending some final moments with loved ones before you get married.

And some people don’t realize the rules have changed. Bridal showers have gone from stuffy, formal, all-women brunch events to a day for couples to celebrate their love together. In fact, it’s now common to host destination weekend showers for couples, co-ed ragers, and decadent all-day affairs with everyone you know — plus delicious food, drinks, and games.

One great way to add even more fun is by adopting a theme. The options are almost unlimited. If you can dream it, you can create it. That said, there are a few trendy and entertaining ways to set up a great event that everyone will enjoy. And the following are some of the chicest bridal shower themes for a hip couple’s bridal shower.

1. Destination Shower

No theme can be better than a specific location. Pick somewhere meaningful to you — a lake house party, a cabin in the woods, or even a city you love — and assemble your top-priority guests. This can be an especially great idea if you plan to have a big wedding and want the run-up event to be a more intimate occasion.

2. Wine Centric

Drinks are one of the best parts of any bridal shower. So why not let them take center stage? Everyone will love it if you bring in a wine expert with an actual tasting setup. This way, you can teach your guests a little something while they enjoy getting a bit tipsy.

3. Signature Cocktails

If wine isn’t your speed, you can go with some signature cocktails instead. And the best way is to tie them to a larger theme. Try an Old Fashioned along with a 1920s theme, some Mint Juleps for a Southern belle theme, or dry martinis — shaken, not stirred — for a formal James Bond get together.

4. Flower Power

If you don’t want to get too specific, you can just make everything floral. This won’t overwhelm the affair in one direction, but it will create a great mood that makes your outing feel unique. Tie it together with everything from table arrangements and dresses to cocktail garnishes and bridal shower invitations.

5. Garden Party

An outdoor garden party event can perfectly blend the best of both classic and chic. You can keep it modern by opening up the guest list to couples and adding some games — but add a traditional touch with bridal shower brunch staples like a mimosa bar and finger sandwiches.

6. Cause for Celebration

Another great idea is to blend fun with fulfillment. Rather than having people give gifts, you may not need, encourage everyone to contribute to a charity that is close to your heart. You can even play some games during the shower with cash prizes that the winner gets to donate to their preferred organization.

Hosting a Bridal Shower to Remember

We all love bridal showers. And, of course, we all love themed events. So why not bring them both together? It almost makes too much sense.

There are so many great options. Pick a destination, go floral, host a wine tasting, make signature cocktails, have a garden party, or do something special for your favorite cause. No matter what you pick, your couples’ bridal shower should be fantastic. Have fun and make sure your favorite people are there. Really, there is no way to go wrong if you surround yourself with those you love.