Growing up watching romance movies, wherein the main female protagonists have this perfect ideal or concept about love, desperately chasing men as if it’s the only purpose of their life, made me cringe. It’s as if they constantly breathe air just to find love. Where their main goal is finding someone, fall in love, get married, and finally, have kids. As if being single was a great problem.

As a young girl, this type of movie plot appealed to me somehow stupid and pathetic. And I thought this kind of setting was only limited to fiction movies, but this extends to the real world. Seeing women or men being frustrated not being in a relationship stresses me out, I mean don’t you have anything else to do with your lives? Don’t you have goals, dreams, and aspirations to pursue? Instead of miserably chasing love, why don’t you better yourself while patiently waiting for it to come for you?

But as I got older I realized being lonely really takes a toll on you. And sometimes it’s not bad for wanting to be with someone who appreciates and values you. After all, once you’ve attained and experienced all of the things the single life has to offer, what’s next? Check this out:

It’s hard to think that all the stages of our lives would typically end up with us searching for that someone we would like to spend the rest of our life with. From the moment you left your mum’s womb, the day you learned how to walk and talk, to your first years in kindergarten, to high school, to all the years studying and hustling to get that degree, going out to different parties, doing the things that you love, living the young life to the fullest, and all the moments in between – wait, let me catch my breath – were basically just preparation for married life.

Love may come early for some and for everybody else it comes late. I know people who first started going out in high school and lasted enough to make it to the altar. I know people who are going through their late 20’s without being in a romantic relationship. You’re lucky to have met someone earlier in your life and legally settle with them, some even have to rush finding that someone since time is clearly catching up to them.

You can find love at any given time and place (read more). Some met their partners physically while some met through the internet. It’s just a matter of what the universe has in store for you. Finding a person to date is easy; it’s making the love last in the relationship until marriage hard.

Being in a relationship is already hard as it is. What more when it comes to marriage?

What Does Marrying Someone Really Mean?

Marriage, also known as wedlock or holy matrimony, is the process of legally uniting two people, labelled as spouses or husband and wife. It is the merging of rights and responsibilities between the people involved and establishing commitment. This ceremony was recognized as perpetual until death. But in modern years, unhappy couples have utilized annulment and divorce for legal separation. Just because both of you are currently married, doesn’t mean you’ll be together for a lifetime.

 Although it may serve somehow as an assurance, you might want to progressively work on your relationship. Divorce is pretty popular nowadays. Because when you live in one roof, you’ll really know the person. The more you know about their flaws, the more you discover you’re far too different. This is why marriages fail. When the person changes, when the romance of the relationship fades, the spark of the marriage itself loses its essence. But now that we’re over the serious and the conflicted side of marriage. Let’s head on to the more fun and glamorous part when transitioning to the married life – planning weddings.

Wedding Rings Are a Necessity

We all know that one of the most basic symbols of marriage is the wedding ring. Decades may pass but the significance of wedding bands in merging two people never falters. It may come off a bit materialistic to put such value on a physical item but it’s not about the price; it’s really about the thought that counts. A little too cliché, but hey once you’re in love simple gestures and things can already make you ecstatic and contented. If you’re looking for recommendations, might I suggest the citrine stackable ring. It’s uniquely gorgeous!

A wedding ring on a finger symbolizes that the wearer is already committed. A wedding band is an emblem for the couples’ love and faithfulness to their partner that has resulted in marriage. The shape of the ring itself already has its essence. A circle is known to be a representation of infinity for it has no beginning or end. It is endless, like the love of the couples involved should be, limitless and everlasting. In most cultures, the wedding ring should be worn or placed at the fourth finger of the left hand. This is because the first known to ever practice the wearing of wedding rings, ancient Egyptians, believed that the vein present on the fourth finger is directly connected to the heart. Keep your spouse nearest to your heart.