The moment you’ve been hoping for. Waiting for. Dreaming about.

Your partner has asked you to say I DO, and you said YOU WILL. Congratulations!

Now it’s all go, go, go. Invitations? Sent. Venue? Set. Band? Booked. But, wait. What about the food?

Don’t panic! I’ve got one word for you. Tacos.

There are plenty of reasons to do it, but for now, here are five reasons you absolutely need to have a taco bar wedding.

1. It’s a Crowd-Pleaser

The last thing you need on your big day is to be stressed about whether or not your guests are going to like the food. You’re busy making sure you have every essential detail covered.

With a taco bar at your wedding reception, you won’t have to even think about the food. You know everyone is happy with tacos.

The versatility of this classic dish and its toppings means you can take care of the vegetarians and the gluten-free guests without even batting an eye. Got guests that don’t do spicy? They can skip the salsa and head straight to the sour cream.

Your guests will have the freedom to choose, and that alone will keep them smiling.

2. It Won’t Break the Bank

Did you know Americans spend an average of over $30,000 on their wedding? When you’re parting with that amount of cash, you’re looking to save anywhere you can.

Choosing to have a taco bar at your wedding is a much more cost-effective way to feed your friends and family. If you’re feeling brave, you can even take on the challenge of going full-DIY.

But, if you want to avoid thinking too much and getting your hands dirty, a wedding caterer is still cheaper than trying to negotiate an over-the-top fancy meal that everyone will love.

3. A Taco Bar Wedding Can Be As Fancy (or Not!) As You Want It To Be

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again… tacos are versatile. You can literally make them any way you want.

You’ve got the option to stay traditional or go gourmet with both the fillings and the toppings, and you can easily make the d├ęcor work with whatever theme you’ve chosen for your dream wedding day.

Plus, if you’re looking for a step above finger food, you can swap out the tortillas for bowls so your guests can maintain some semblance of sophistication with the classy cutlery.

4. It Eliminates the “Hanger” Danger

Letting people serve themselves means you get to enjoy a peaceful, riot-free wedding reception. You’ll have a room full of satisfied guests that can eat as much as they want, as and when they want.

That’s the wedding guest’s dream.

If you’ve already checked the main meal off of your to-do list, there’s no harm in a taco bar for snacking as the evening wears on and the drinks start flowing.

Full guests are happy guests!

5. It Can Diversify the Drinks Menu

Lastly, tacos open up your wedding to a whole new world of drink possibilities.

Dare to be different. Forget the wine and grab the tequila bottle!

There is a never-ending list of scrumptious cocktails (hello margaritas and mojitos) that pair perfectly with a plate of tasty tacos.

And if you’re in need of non-alcoholic pairings, don’t forget the agua fresca, the horchata, or a sweet glass of tropical fruit punch.

The Wrap Up

Why not eliminate the stress of planning food for your reception? Stop worrying about how to please everyone and give in to the glory of a taco bar wedding! It’s guaranteed to be a hit. For more wedding tips and trends, be sure to subscribe to our RSS!