Planning a wedding is stressful as there are too many details you need to think about. The problem is that since you feel overwhelmed, it is easy for you to forget some crucial aspects. Whether you are planning the details yourself, or you have someone helping you out, it is essential for you not to ignore these aspects.

Reception setup

You need to find a place where you can hold a wedding reception. Some wedding venues offer a complete package where they provide the site and also decorate it. However, others do not. They will only give the place and set up the tables and chairs. It is up to you to hire someone to beautify the area. If you did not ask about these details at the start, it could spoil the entire wedding. Imagine walking into a room without anything else apart from tables and chairs.


It is also another aspect most people overlook. What will happen at the reception? Is there someone hosting the event? What genre of music will you play? You need to think about all these details to liven up the reception; otherwise, it will only have rounds of boring speeches that no one wants to listen to.


Speaking of speeches, it is also crucial that you decide who will give a speech during the wedding. Some people do not feel comfortable giving speeches on the spot. Others might feel bad if you do not provide them with the chance to speak. You also do not want those long and awkward speeches that will humiliate you on your big day.

Photographer’s assistant

You need to check if the photographer will be taking the photos alone, or as a team. You cannot hire someone who will do the entire job. Weddings could move quite quickly, and if the photographer misses the moment, it is impossible to bring it back. The problem is that during the wedding, the photographer might have to change the batteries because they are dead. There might also be a need to replace the memory card as it is full. Ask if the photographer will be with a team, and if not, you need to provide an assistant.

Payment schedule

You need to know when to pay the people providing services. You need to clarify the payment schedule. You want to settle after the wedding and not bury yourself in a pile of debts. List every transaction you make to avoid having legal issues with someone due to forgotten payments.


How do you go from one place to another for the wedding? How about your guests? You need to check if there is a car available on the day and someone to drive it; otherwise, you need a wedding car hire. You want your vehicle to look special since it is your big day. It could be a fiasco if you forget all these crucial details. Plan everything thoroughly and do not forget to take your checklist wherever you go.