Men’s facial hairstyles are seeing their heyday with countless variations available. Although, beards always been in fashion, and there’s no likelihood that this trend is going to fade out anytime soon. From David Beckham to Leonardo DiCaprio, many famous personalities have rocked the beard at some point.

However, with so many options to choose from, it’s not always easy to decide which trend will work best for you. When choosing a shaving style, you’ve got to know which ones would suit your face shape and personality. Most facial hairstyles require maintenance and it’s important to choose a style that you can also keep up with.

To help you figure out what facial styles to choose from this season, we’ve listed below seven shaving style trends that men are using in 2020.

1. Short Beard

This style can easily pass off as a winner for 2020. It’s been trendy for a while now and still has many ardent takers. Suitable for all face shapes, this shaving style is so versatile that it looks classy and rugged at the same time. One of the advantages of keeping a short beard is that it appears as a full beard and doesn’t distract the attention from your features. This style works well to hide a double chin or elongate a round face. However, to ensure that a short beard highlights your features well, it should be maintained regularly. You can trim it in a manner that best accentuates your features. For this, you can check out for the best body groomers available.

2. Stubble

Perfect for all face types, the stubble was a huge shaving trend last year and continues to hold ground. If you’re looking for a look that’s not completely clean-shaven but also not a beard, this style is perfect for you. It’s also one of the easiest styles to maintain. Growing a stubble takes just a few days and you can maintain it easily by regularly using a clipper. It’s also suitable for all situations.

3. The Beardstache

This look consists of a full-grown mustache that you can style with a beard or a trimmed stubble. In this look, a full-length mustache is a focus, and it should be more prominent than your beard. A beard stache requires maintenance of both your beard and mustache separately. Through fun and experimental, this style is a bit tricky so be sure that you can commit. This look works well for those who often have a smart-casual style of dressing.

4. Van Dyke

This unique shaving style features a mustache and a goatee that don’t connect. Here the cheeks remain clean-shaven. This easy-to-achieve style can be fun and versatile, and many famous personalities like Johnny Depp and David Beckham are seen spotting this trend. You can add your variations to it, too—curling your mustache up is a popular variation for this style.

5. The Full Goatee

Popular since the ‘90s, a goatee is a mustache and a goatee that is connected. Ideal for those with square face shape, a full goatee is a great style if you want to conceal your jawline. It’s an easy style to maintain provided you regularly shave off the area around the goatee. Being a versatile style, a full goatee also works well as for professional look.

6. Faded Beard

In this style, the beard and sideburns are tapered into the hair, which gives a blended effect. The faded beard works well for square and oval faces. Since it takes precision to fade a beard correctly, this style can be difficult to maintain.

7. Full-Grown Beard

This classic style works well for those with a round face as it can make your jawline look more angular. In a full-grown beard, the mustache and beard are both fully grown. Though there’s no particular length for this style, its best to trim it regularly for a clean look. Being a classic style, a full-grown beard is one of the most liked trends this season


There’s a surge of new facial hairstyles and there’s something for every stylish man. From a full-grown beard to stubble, you can opt for a style that goes with your facial shape, features, and personality. It’s important to keep in mind that every look requires care and maintenance. While some styles may just require a regular trim, others may require frequent visits to the barbershop. You’ve got to decide what you can commit to before choosing a style. Remember, there’s no gain without some effort.