Who can avoid sunglasses especially in summers, they simply become our basic necessity while heading out. For men summer cannot be complete without a great set of men’s sunglasses.

Men's sunglasses

Some people think that clothes make the man, but actually his shades that define his character in the warm weather months. Men’s eye-wear gives the barometer of our lifestyle. There are many things that need to be considered when choosing Men’s sunglasses. Following are 5 types of sunglasses you can choose from based on your lifestyle and activities.

Retro Shades

Retro shades make “back in the day” modern and stylish again. The shades of retros are very stylish and elegant. They have a huge collection of sunglasses. This summer top contenders are important of days gone by and offer a valid reason to relieve the glory days. There are good alternatives like Tom Ford and Ray-Ban; its Ford’s jack sunglasses are superb. These popular men’s sunglasses are being referred to as club masters.

Aviator Sunglasses

Aviator sunglasses maintain their permanent prowess. You can have upscale, contemporary aviators like the John Varvatos two-Tone sunglasses; their cool coloring and geometric liberties give a flashier set of aviators that never attach with the custom. There are also Fossil’s Brady aviators; their tortoiseshell frames mixes things up a bit, and give a eccentric option. They have very good designs of sunglasses and also very stylish.


Wraparounds are between high style and super sporty. Those men who enjoy an active lifestyle because wraparounds transition easily from links to the lounge. Your style will be polished after wearing such sunglasses. You will get as much variety as much you want. Even with the designs and also with the price. If you don’t want to spend more money then you can also get suitable wraparounds for less.

Shields Sunglasses

Shields sunglasses are suitable for those who are very fashionable and love to be in fashion always. These look ambiguously chic and stylish. The fashion legends offer smooth lines and gradient lenses, portraying a mysterious side to style. Those who love light colors should explore D&G and Club Monaco. The white framed shields look clean and sharp with their made for summer coloring and casual class.

Sports Sunglasses

In summers, games like running, biking, batting and golfing are playing the most. That time sharp sporty shades are summers’ most important component. Your look will be the best after wearing such sunglasses. Nike’s Skylon Ace Athletic Training and Easton’s Stealth Interchangeable Sunglasses are dead-on victories for sports fan. These sunglasses are perfect for sports persons.

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