Smiling makes such a difference to how we look and feel. London City Smiles share their top tips for improving your smile and restoring your confidence.

Teeth Whitening

If asked what colour teeth are your response would probably be white right? While teeth are primarily white, some teeth can yellow over time due to what we eat and drink but also because of the natural aging process. In addition to yellowing, stains build up from some of our everyday habits. Things like smoking, drinking tea and coffee and other food or drink contain ingredients that will cause the teeth to stain. Once this happens, we can become embarrassed by our teeth, but we don’t need to be. Many cosmetic dental practices now offer treatments that will whiten the teeth and restore them to the colour they should be. Walk in with yellow teeth, leave with a pearly white smile.

 Orthodontic Treatment To Straighten The Teeth

 You probably think braces are for kids? While many children have correctional treatment to straighten their teeth when they are younger, it is also something that more and more adults are turning to. Gone are the days of metal blocks that make you stand out in a crowd. Now braces are much more discreet using almost invisible aligners. It’s never too late to have orthodontic treatment to straighten out the top and bottom teeth, no matter how bad they are. You may need to have teeth removed to make space. Orthodontists will be able to consult with you and advise on the best course of treatment answering any questions you might have. Typical questions include “how long will it take?” and “will it work for me?” One thing is for sure – you won’t be able to stop smiling once you have the teeth that you have longed for.

Dental Implants

Losing a tooth can be distressing. It can lead to problems with chewing food and sometimes it can be very noticeable. If it is a tooth towards the front of the jaw, it can make it awkward to smile, and you may lose your confidence. Many people try solutions that offer some solution although it’s never as good as the real thing. With dental implants, however, it is exactly like the real thing. A titanium implant is used as the root with a porcelain crown, matched to the colour of the rest of the teeth, acting as the actual tooth. This emulates the original tooth and root. That tooth cannot be removed at night or when you are playing a contact sport. Dental implants are a permanent solution designed to give you back full functionality and the appearance of a real tooth. In many cases, they can be done in a day!!!!


A dental veneer is designed to ‘cover’ the surface of the tooth. If you have a very discoloured tooth (perhaps following a bump and loss of the nerve) or you have chipped a tooth, a veneer offers the perfect solution. It is made to fit your tooth using impressions of your teeth and matching the colour of your other teeth. Once made the veneer is ‘stuck’ to what is left of the original tooth. They are often a solution for the front teeth where the teeth are visible. Some people have them for an individual tooth. Others decide to have all of their teeth veneered. They are designed to be resilient to the wear and tear of everyday use.

 If you are struggling to smile due to a lack of confidence and feel that one or more of the above procedures could help you then get in touch with your local cosmetic dental practice for more information.