For those of us living in climates where the snow falls, we sometimes wait months for the chance to throw on a cute dress and show off our legs. So, when spring starts to lift its cautious head and the sun warms the ground, you better believe we’re going to be out hunting for sundresses!

Ah, sundresses; even the name evokes images of long, lazy summer days spent outside, of the simplicity of throwing on one piece of clothing with no concern about coats or cardigans. It speaks of hair stiff with salt from the beach and of the smell of BBQ and the laughter of friends around campfires.

Can you tell we’re getting a bit sentimental?

Finally, sundresses let us show off something we must keep hidden away all of the winter: our legs. Those powerful jams that get you through the days, that climb the stairs, and that pushes you through those squats deserve their time to shine when the sun is out.

To do this, we’ve got 7 styles of sundresses that really make your legs stand out!

  1. Tulip dress

The tulip dress is so called because of the scalloped split in the hem of the dress, which looks much like the petals of a tulip. This dress lets you show a couple extra inches of the thigh that is seductively suggestive while still being classy. Look for a longer hemline so you can wear it to the office too.

  1. Button-front sundress

The button-front sundress is a classic for a reason. These button-front dresses let you show a bit more cleavage or leg, if you like, or cover up by buttoning all the way up. Great for the beach and a must have for travels, we recommend picking up a few!

  1. Halter dress

Nothing says easy, sexy summer like a halter dress. Whether it’s the delicate, filmy straps of a gauzy, floral-print dress or the satin bands of a cocktail dress ready for a night out on the town, you can’t go wrong with owning at least one of these beauties.

  1. LBD

A wardrobe staple, the Little Black Dress (or LBD) does more than double duty. Sexy and simple, you can wear these dresses to the office, a concert, a party, or just about anywhere in between. They also can be found in a variety of body flattering shapes.

  1. Kaftan dress

For the boho lovers, we suggest dinning a kaftan dress with a pair of high, strappy heels and oversized sunglasses to turn heads and keep yourself cool in the sticky, late-summer heat.

  1. Lace dress

We love the romance that lace offers and in the past few years, it’s been everywhere. From crochet knit dresses to delicate appliques, lace is back in a big way. What we adore about lace dresses is their simple beauty and innocence. You can throw on a lace dress cut high on the thigh and little else and it will still look bright, sunny and casual chic.

  1. Slit maxi dress

You don’t always need to go mini on your hemline to show off those legs! A flowy maxi dress with a slit up one thigh will allow the flash of your skin as you walk down the sidewalk, without making you feel to overexposed.