Fuchsia lip is the trend that most Hollywood celebs are sporting in this season. Fuchsia is a bright shade of red in which there is a dominant presence of purple. This color is commonly known as magenta color. Instead of a red pout, the Hollywood celebs have shifted their preference to fuchsia pout. The best part is that the fuchsia lip color comes in a large variety of shades that is perfectly suitable for women with different types of skin tones, even for color shy women.

Fuchsia Lips Can Transform the Way You Look

If you think that nude colors and light shades of pink are only suitable for your skin tone and never ever experimented with any bright shades, well think again!! Bold lip colors from good brands selling the best skin care products help in creating a contrast between your skin color and lips which helps you to lose at least five years of age instantaneously. As we grow old, our skin tone becomes a bit darker naturally and thus the natural contrast between different features of our face gradually wanes away. Application of bold and bright lip colors help in artificially recreating the contrast, and voila you look much younger. However, choosing the right shade of fuchsia is a very difficult task in itself. So here are tips that will help in you in your endeavors:

Fair Skin Tone

Women with fair or pale complexion should try out mauve based fuchsia colors. Very bright fuchsia shade would make the contrast between the features of their face and lip color too bold and thus appear out of the place. On the contrary mauve based shades perfectly sync with their skin tone and make them look sizzling hot.

Light Skin Tone

Women with light skin tone can practically try out any shades of fuchsia color on their lips. This is a natural advantage for women with light complexion. They are going to look amazing in almost any shades of fuchsia, but make sure you put it on perfectly to look your best. Try out deep fuchsia or peachy fuchsia to look young and hot.

Medium Complexion

For women with medium complexion there are loads of fuchsia shades available to experiment with. Starting from wine based fuchsia, to mauve fuchsia, deep and dark shades, caramel and brownish shade of fuchsia, they can try out all these shades to appear bold and beautiful.

Olive Complexion

Though many would suggest that women with olive skin tone must avoid wearing pink, however I would suggest you to try out all the dark shades of fuchsia lip colors. Such lip colors would aid in enhancing their overall looks.

Dark Skin Tone

Dark shades like purple and pink shades of fuchsia works wonders for women with dark complexion. Especially, if you have pink undertone in your skin, you would look all the more beautiful in fuchsia lip color.

Teaming up your lip color with the right eye makeup and blusher is also important to look picture perfect. Always use best skin care products to ensure that these products have the least impact on your skin.

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