List of essentials that you should carry with your gym bags.

We’ve all had those times at the gym when we couldn’t find the things that we need. No, we are not talking about a spare set of dumbbells; we mean items of one’s personal needs.

It happens quite often that you might need an item that is not available at the gym. Such times call for preventive measures and that’s why it’s important that you should have a well equipped gym bag ready for action.

Gym Bag Essentials

So we’ve come up with a list of essentials that you must always carry to the gym, as these will save you from any unwanted trouble.

1. Water Bottle

The first thing on the list is your water bottle or shaker, although it doesn’t necessarily have to be filled with water. You can bring your supplements to drink them during the work out, or to get the protein/carbo boost you need after you’re done with the day’s work.

2. Wet Wipes

Girls would probably be more interested in this as they have to worry about their makeup, but having a pack of these little helpers will surely keep you fresh during the workout. They work even better than a towel and the fragrance will help you get over the body odor. And if your deodorant gives up on you at the last moment, wet wipes can still deodorize your body.

3. Nutrition Bar

You’ll definitely feel your hunger go up after an intense work out and if you don’t quell it down soon, you’ll find yourself cramming down those chocolate muffins you’ve been trying to avoid. The best way to avoid that is to always have a nutrition bar in your bag so you can munch on it during workout. At least that will keep you away from all the other unhealthy foods.

4. Towel

If you sweat profusely during workouts, a towel can keep the sweat out of your eyes. And you definitely don’t want to get your sweaty hands on the yoga mat. Be sure to go for one made of micro fiber though, since it dries quickly.

5. Music

What could be better than a good playlist to pump up the energy? That’s the quality of good music, it sets the mood for the workout and the uplifting beats will motivate you. So get going, download some songs and have them all in your iPod or mp3 player and you’re all set to start sweating!

6. Timer

If you are working on a set regime and each second matters, then you better get a timer to time each routine

7. Extra Top

Right gym apparel is really important when you want to get the best out of your routines. Dressing properly will do wonders for your body and will also keep your mind off uncomfortable tops. Keeping an extra and fresh top can save you from the embarrassment of stinky body odor too.

Do check out Fabletics, a line of high quality active wear, perfect for gym and workout sessions. They have been specially designed for women to match the needs for workout gear and turn your gym experience into a splendid one.

So this was a small list of things that should definitely be in your bag unless you don’t mind borrowing. Have a great day.