Do you need a break from stress? Have you been too stressed over work and your daily routine? Do you feel like you need a spa weekend to de-stress your senses and rejuvenate yourself completely. You may not need to go to spa if you can convert your bathroom into the spa. But if you feel too lethargic and do not want to do anything on your own, enjoy your weekend by walking into a luxury spa and relieve all that stress by getting a body massage with some foot reflexology.

If you are booking with a spa, you may just choose to book in with your sweetheart for the whole weekend before you face another week. Take a good look at the spa menu and as per your needs but choose what you really need. If your job requires you to be out most of the time, we suggest you take a de-tan facial and body scrub so that you can shed off some of the tan and glow like before.

Women who work on their feet (standing jobs i.e. hotel receptionists) can indulge in foot massages and body massages to take off those knots from your back or neck. The soothing music and the hands massaging you should relieve stress completely from your body. Book a whole package with your friend or lover and enjoy sipping wine or spice tea while you lay back in a royal bath after your massage.

Body wraps are another thing that anyone and everyone should try. Leaves or towels, you will feel absolutely splendid were you experience what we are talking about. Next time you walk in to a spa, add a wrap to your massage and you will be glad when you walk out.

In case you want to adopt the DIY route to de-stress, make a list of what you want to get for your spa bathroom time. These are few things which you’ll need:

  1. Music CD player plus one or two CDs of relaxation sounds
  2. A tub pillow
  3. Bath salts / Fragrant soaps/ oils / bath petals
  4. Aromatic Candles
  5. Fluffy 100% cotton absorbent towels
  6. A sponge/ loofah
  7. A novel if you feel like reading
  8. A pedicure set in case you feel energetic enough to give yourself a pedicure
  9. A bunch of roses or your favorite flowers

The thing about creating a spa at home is that you can visit it whenever you want and don’t have to think about spending huge money on it and then thinking whether you deserved it or not. Make sure your bathroom has good ventilation and the go about organizing these things. Add a fluffy bath robe and terry cloth slippers to your spa routine as well. We guarantee you that you will not only feel rejuvenated but also glad about doing it all at home.

I would love to hear how your de-stress with a spa. Please leave me a comment and let me know. Don’t forget to subscribe our RSS to receive latest updates.