You don’t really have to spend huge money on your spa visit especially when you can have a spa at your home. Take on a home improvement project to turn your bathroom in to a spa and enjoy all the spa luxuries at home. Give yourself a full-blown stylish spa treatment by making a few things on your own or giving your bathroom a makeover. It is not always essential to spend a lot.

You can turn your bathroom into a spa and feel the medicinal concept of healing at the convenience of your home. you can design the bathroom to give you complete calmness to rejuvenate the entire body and mind.

Follow these steps and you can make your bathroom look like a luxury spa.

  1. Change the décor of your bathroom. If it looks very plain and you want a change, either change the color of your walls or experiment with wallpaper. If you really want to get creative you can use sand colored wallpaper and spray it with sand and glue and stick shells on it to give your bathroom a beach feeling. Consider the size of your bathroom and your budget and then start planning. If you are contemplating new paint color try soft shades like blue or lilac to give a fresh feeling.
  2. The most important part of your bathroom turned spa would be the tub. Most bathrooms are equipped with a sink, toilet, tub plus shower or minus the tub and a shower alone. If you have steam and sauna consider yourself lucky. With the décor match a nice bath curtain which partitions the wet area from the dry. Make plenty of places for things to be kept like adding shelves or container boxes without crowding and moving around banging your elbows.
  3. Add aromatic candles at the foot of your tub or next to sink. Add 100% cotton towels soft and easily soak water from your body. Roll them and put them in boxes where they stay dry. If your budget allows, add a towel radiator to your bathroom.
  4. Music is most essential in converting a bathroom to spa. Add a mini cd player to your bathroom with small speakers and buy a few soothing music CDs with sounds like that of a rain forest or waves and soft instrumental sounds. The most effective spa relaxes you completely and transfers you to a different place mentally.
  5. Here comes your opportunity to splurge on a few fancy things. Stock up on fragrant soaps, bath oils, bath salts and petals. If you can’t find them at your departmental stores, visit and you will find plenty of inexpensive items and you will love them. Make sure you add a sexy robe to your spa also. If you really want to feel luxurious, pick up a kimono style robe.
  6. Make sure your spa has good ventilation system. Lack of fresh air may give growth to mildew and mold. Add an exhaust and switch it on once you are down with your spa routine.

Your own bathroom can be given a spa treatment, i would love to hear your opinion on how to transform your home bathroom into a stylish spa to relieve stress and tension. Don’t forget to subscribe our RSS to receive latest updates.