look_superb_women1Every women wants too look good and they always spruce themselves for a party. What about your most important day? It could be your wedding, ceremony organized for you or it could be visiting your life partner for the first time. How will you make sure to look your radiant best for the most important day of your life? Following are few tips to helps you with a comprehensive beauty care regime that includes from the right diet plan, perfect nails to hair.

  • – To reduce the number of calories in your diet, you do not need to cut down on the bulk of food you are eating. Balance is the key to success – simply choose from a wide variety of natural foods.
  • – Choose diet, rich in fiber, low in fat and refined carbohydrates
  • – Eat whole grain cereals, fresh fruits and vegetables, dried peas, beans, brown rice, which are rich in fiber, vitamins and minerals
  • – Avoid fried foods and sweets
  • – Use skimmed milk for tea, coffee, curd and paneer.
  • – Consume plenty of fresh green vegetables, fruits and sprouts.
  • – Increase intake of oily fish, nuts and seeds to provide you with a glowing skin
  • – Avoid aerated drinks and alcohol.
  • – Drink at least 10-12 glasses of water throughout the day
  • – Include beverages like lime water, vegetable juice, clear soups, and buttermilk.
  • – Instead of eating three big meals throughout the day, rather have five smaller meals throughout the course of the day
  • – Eat slowly and chew properly


Trendy and smart hair styles are in vogue now. Women today are ready to flaunt their tresses unlike earlier where the hair used to be pulled up in a bun most often than not.

  • – Nowadays, people are ready to spend money to get the best hairstyle and make-up. But the aftermath of using hair sprays, gels, etc the hair loses its moisture and in turn gets dull and dry. Products like hair serums, leave-in conditioners that moisturize your hair should be used to prevent damage.
  • – The hair should be shoulder length and if cut in layers, there shouldn’t be too many layers.
  • – A bride should go in for a Kerastase ritual to add softness, shine and protect the hair from external aggression come from excessive blow drying, harsh hair sprays and sun.

Hands and Feet

Keeping in mind the busy schedule of bride to rejuvenate and replenish her physical and emotional being, Lakme salons have come up with ‘happy hours’ to pamper her hands and feet.

Happy Touch Hand Facial: The hands that adorn mehendi and numerous bangles must be made to look gorgeous. A hand facial, which rejuvenates tired hands, is therapeutic. An energizing stone therapy and reflexology is a method, which relaxes and brings a glow to hands leaving them soft and silky. This treatment is available at Lamke salons for approximately Rs 325 – Rs 275.

Happy Touch Foot Facial: Foot care is another important aspect to look perfect for the D-day. This foot facial is a therapeutic makeover for the feet. By soaking feet in antiseptic, anti fungal benefits of tea-tree and spearmint it helps in relaxing the feet. Lakme also offers reflexology techniques and Chakra Therapy to pacify tense muscles and tired feet, leaving them beautiful and happy. This foot facial is available for about Rs 400 – Rs 350.

Nail Care

  • – If hands and feet are taken care of, then can nail care be far behind? A new nail care formula called the Jet-Set Diamante, introduced by L’oreal, is a quick dry technology that allows you to achieve the ultimate shine and a bold colour results within a minute. Integrating pure diamond powder, the formula creates shine just like a real diamond.
  • – Nowadays a lot of nail polishes available in the market come with matching lip colours. This is especially useful for those seeking a totally coordinated look
  • – It’s easier to apply 2-3 thin coats of polish rather than applying one thick coat, which will take longer to dry.

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