women_eyebrow Eye brows are thick hairy growth above the human eyes and is an important form of facial expressions in humans. Eyebrows are the prerequisite of a women beauty. Tidy, chic eyebrow in its best shape enhances the beauty of a woman and gives expression to her face. It is advisable to take the natural form of your eyebrow as you can not turn them into something which they are not.

The shape (straight, round or curve in an arch) of eyebrows depends on individual to individual varying according to face cut and complexion. Sometimes, we try to give our eyebrow a different look but unfortunately our face looses it original charm. So here are few tips keep your eyebrow effective and in shape with your face style:

Important Eyebrow Care Tips :


Plucking is done best just after a steam bath in natural light. Before plucking just highlight area you want to clean with white pencil if possible. For symmetry, first pluck some hairs from one eyebrow and then some from second. Keep repeating the process until you get desired results.


Use brush dipped in castor/olive oil, hair lotions, glycerin etc to reinforce your eyebrow hairs. Comb your hairs from starting to end point i.e from nose to temples. Brush combing is an essential daily care of your eyebrow hair.

Eyebrow Pencil :

An eyebrows pencil is important makeup constituent and is available in various shades and colors used in shading eyebrows and hiding missing hairs. The choice of eyebrow depends upon the hair color of women. Powder your eyebrows slightly and shade your eyebrow with strokes to give a natural effect. Avoid using eyebrow pencil in a continuous straight line, as it gives an unnatural look.

Setting Your Eyebrows:

If you eyebrows do not remain in location, you can use hairspray or styling gel to set them. Improperly set eyebrows are considered as a sign of irresponsible and negligent personality. So try to keep them in location as much as possible.


A proper eyebrow massage helps in keeping eyes healthy. A massage consist of point pressure ,pinch massage and vibrations along the eyebrow line.

Eyebrow Compressing:

Take out 5-10 minutes from your busy schedule for your eyebrows. Apply cotton cord dipped in heated oil on your eyebrows for 5-10 mins. You can also use vegetable oil pack.

Eyebrow Correction:

Eyebrow correction is part of make-up and you can take a professional adviceĀ  to help you finding a shape which suits your shape and style. Its advisable not to remove hairs on the top of eyebrow, if you are looking to lower the growth try plucking hairs lower the eyebrow line. Eyebrow massage in the morning is advisable to improve health of eyes.

To make face looking younger, it is necessary to increase the distance between eyebrows, the outer end of eyebrow should not be lower than the internal, or you will have a sad face, and eyebrows with too heavy make-up make face looking vulgar. What are you takes on getting erybrows done? Leave me a comment and share your opinion with us. Please Subscribe to our RSS for the latest Updates delivered to your email for free.