Wrinkles can be every woman’s worry as she grows old. Do not try absurd methods or numerous products to remove wrinkles or stop them from coming. Botox and facelift’s and many other scientific methods are today’s favorites for getting a much tighter and younger looking skin but if you cannot take needles in your face and still want to prevent wrinkles, simply add a couple of good moisturizers to your skin care routine.

How to use moisturizers to keep wrinkles at bay? We’ll tell you.

Most women pushing 28 to 26 start experiencing dry skin and do not understanding that the trick is to keep your skin hydrated. For the very first step that anyone needs to follow is of cleansing, toning and moisturizing. A lot of women ignore this and do not understand the basics of skin care. You go out and face the sun, pollution and dust which settles on your skin and gives it a gritty, dry and tanned look or oily, ache prone and blackhead effected surface.

When using any moisturizers, it is not about buying the expensive one but which is for your skin type and what works best for you. Oily skin is always better off as its takes time to age. Most women who experience wrinkles at an early stage have dry skin by 28 and even more drier looking and feeling skin by 36 or more years of age. Use a moisturizer that has SPF as you do not want the sun doing your skin harm and also drink lots of water. A moisturizer will only hydrate and prevent it on the top but to make your skin glow from inside and prevent any wrinkles from forming, drink a lot of water every day.

When buying a moisturizer, tread the ingredients printed on the back. Look for either of these as they are very effective anti aging ingredients – Aloe, Beewax, Alpha Lipoic Acid, lanolin, Selenium. Separate your day and night moisturizer. While your day moisturizer is supposed to act in defense from the sun and pollution, your night one is supposed to repair and nourish your skin as you must have noticed it is always of heavier components. An unknown fact, women do not realize when they sleep the skin repairs itself.

Moisturizers penetrate your skin to the lowest cells and prevent wrinkles or repair present ones. They also further the growth of new cells which give your skin an even newer and young look. Some of the known products are Neutrogena’s healthy skin anti-wrinkle cream, Garnier’s anti wrinkle lift, Olay regenerist.

Make sure you consider your skin type/ profile while selecting products or else you will end up doing irreversible damage to your skin. Improvise your skin care regime earlier on to prevent wrinkles forming in your 30s and 40s.

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