Whether it be a wedding anniversary, a first date anniversary, or the celebration of a day of the year that is special between you and your partner, it is nice to give a little gift to show how much you care and remember the day. Here are 6 thoughtful and beautiful ideas for anniversary gifts for your loved one.


Probably the most popular gift for lovers is a piece of jewelry. The reason it is the go-to gift is that it is classy, lasts forever, and is worn close to a person’s skin which makes it very intimate and personal.

A special anniversary might be the right occasion to buy an eternity ring for your beloved to show that you will love them forever. Earrings or necklaces are always a welcome gift and can be personalized with engravings or by placing treasured photos into a locket on a chain.

If you want to give your loved one a vintage piece of jewelry such as a watch or a bracelet, have a look in your local antique emporium or view more stylish sterling silver bracelets here. Vintage pieces can be a great gift as they are unique and have a history to them.

A Weekend Away

Treat your loved one to dinner, bed, and breakfast in a beautiful hotel or the place where you first met if possible. If you had your first night together in a hotel or had your wedding or honeymoon in a special place, you could take your lover back to the same venue for a special anniversary. If possible, you could even book the room you had before.

Personalized Accessories

Accessories such as wallets, keyrings, tableware, luggage that are personalized with your partner’s name, initials, or a date special to them are always well-received gifts. A wooden box containing a vintage wine or champagne bottle and etched with your anniversary date or a unique message is available on websites selling personalized gifts.

Adopt or Sponsor an Animal

If your partner loves animals, why not sponsor their favorite animal at the local zoo or wildlife park. The World Wildlife Foundation (WWF) offers an adoption program where you pay a nominal amount per month to sponsor endangered species such as the snow leopard or Siberian tiger, and help the foundation to maintain its incredible conservation work.


If you know a local artist or find a suitable one online or in the local area, you could commission a piece of art for your dearest. You could have a painting created of a treasured place, your home, family, or a pet.

A Photobook 

There are hundreds of websites that will create an excellent photo book from the photographs you have on your phone or your computer. Upload some of your favorite pictures to such a website and make a hard-back book full of special memories. Printing photos will keep your treasured photos safer than they are in the memory of a computer or SIM card.