Every man is looking for a genuine partner in his life and before they commit they want to be sure that they know each and every aspects of your life, your likings, disliking and even your favorite stars. They are up to know everything from the start right from your childhood crush to your latest ex boyfriend. No women want their boyfriend to change his mind in the middle of the relationship same thing applies for men.

Relationship is all about trust and wining someone’s complete trust is not difficult. Here are the 10 truths every man would prefer to know about you, remember faking is not good if you want to sustain long term relationship as he will know the truth one day or another.

1. Your Male Friends

If you think your boyfriend is utter dumb and won’t understand friendship than you must be living in some other world. Also, it won’t be wise to pretend that your male friends (whom you had good times in the past) are just your friends and it’s time to avoid them especially in front of your boyfriend. Even guys understand that the past hook-ups once over are allowed to remain friends. We also suggest confiding in your boyfriend and telling him the truth whether your current friend is just a regular friend or your former flame. Also he will be interested in knowing if you still have some spark for him or not. Moreover, no boyfriend will bear the thought of your friend knowing more about you than him. Avoid sharing any personal or intimate detail about your relationship with your friends; your boyfriend might not like this. Once you are honest enough about your feelings or friendship levels with your boyfriend, he may accept your friendship with your friends. It would be nice idea to let him meet with your friends so he may form an opinion himself.

2. Honesty About Your Interests

Women often brags to love all those things which their boyfriend likes just to get more of his attention at the beginning of a relationship. They express their love for adventure, water rafting, similar interest for a football team or other activities which they might have never done earlier nor they want to. One day or another you will grow tired of all this and then he will surely notice that you were faking your interest for all outdoor activities and that will surely disappoint him. He may have wanted an adventures woman and when he doesn’t see that person in you, you know what can happen. It would be wise to admit that you have never done such activities and you are unsure whether you will love them. Trying something new just for your man’s sake will earn respect and love in his eyes. He will remember that least your tried but loving his interests is not compulsory.

3. Bedroom Life

Just to win a guy some women pull out all the “big guns” in the bedroom early in the relationship only to cool things down once a man’s hooked. Men feel that the way a relationship starts out sexually is where it should stay, and if you are playing around and pretending to be something you’re really not in order to get a ring, he will be devastated. Don’t try something with your boyfriend which you don’t love to do. Faking in this area of a relationship is very dangerous.

4. Relationship Expectations

Telling your boyfriend that you are looking for a casual relationship but in your inner heart you are planning a wedding is playing with fire. Guys love to find casual sex buddy so don’t just fall in that category, once they are sure that you share the same exact thought blaming them for leaving you later is entirely your mistake. Moreover, saying you want to settle with him later is equally bad if you are seeing lots of other guys. Just be honest about your relationship expectancy so you are not hurt in the end. Give your boyfriend a fare chance to decide (based on your expectations) where this dating game is heading to. All of a sudden you can’t change your mind and ask him to marry you though you started a casual relationship.

5. True Feelings For His Circle

One word of advice, don’t just act or pretend to like his family, friends or circle especially if you don’t. Men will hardly notice that you are uncomfortable in his friend circle unless you tell them so. They don’t have a mechanism to sense the uneasiness so it’s better to tell him straight that you are uncomfortable or what you don’t like etc. As per studies more than 11% relationships are lost due to annoying relatives, friends or family members. If your boyfriend knows exactly how you feel about it, he might avoid or make adjustments for those awkward situations or encounters with someone you are not comfortable with.

6. How You Look

Believe me or not but men are naturally attracted towards beautiful women; it doesn’t matter if she is really beautiful or full on glam and makeup. It’s hard but it’s a well know fact that they would love to see you the same way you looked at last night party. Somehow, in their head they have the same glam look stored so meeting them at 7 AM looking weird is not a good situation. Men can easily be fooled with makeup, sexy clothes or even high heels but they value real (natural) beauty more especially if they are ready for commitment. It would be wise to look sexy and confident without makeup same way you look when you are all decked up.

7. Your Future Goals

Many women start their relationship pretending as highly motivated career oriented woman who don’t want to leave their growing career midway. But once they get married or moved in together they tend to quit their job and become housewife. Somehow, men don’t understand that concept. They are sure about what kind of partner they want in life so hiding a passion to work abroad, earn more degrees or become a soccer mom is a big NO. Even men have a picture of “ideal family” in their minds and they expect to know how you want to spend the rest of your life with them. They should be aware of your informed decisions much in advance so there are no surprises.

8. Your Ex Hookups

Lying about past hook-ups or ex flames is a big NO. Men are protective from nature so they expects you to tell him all about your past relationship, love history so when the time comes they are prepared to face the one’s who hurt you the most. They expect to know with whom he has to deal with in life (ex husband) often. No man likes to hear something about your ex flames from someone else, also confining with your men will help them understand what hurts you so they can avoid such things in future.

9. What’s Most Interesting About Him

Men will certainly ask this question so lying in the beginning is not a good idea. If you simply like him because of some qualities tell him straight. Don’t just make up things and tell him something which he is not. If you like him because he is caring, rich, powerful or successful then tell him so. Honesty is something which they will love to hear from you. Moreover, if he knows what you like about him than he will try to maintain that to keep you interested for years to come.

10. Your Financial Condition

Lying about your financial position is also a big NO. Men don’t like surprises especially when it’s related to money. If you are in debt but keeping that as a secret than asking him to help you repay is something which will irritate him. You can’t ask for financial help all of a sudden, it’s hard to say how they will react. But, if he knows all about your financial losses, savings, debts in advance then he will come up with a plan for sure.

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