loveormarriage Remember when you first fell in love and everything was bright, hunky dory, life full of excitement? Back then, LOVE was the only thing in your mind, and you were willing to do anything for him/her; taking time out from your busy schedule, drop plans with friends just to be with him/her.

Then the next phase, you have proposed and he/she agreed and then came marriage or moving in together.

Fairy tale ends here with “They lived happily every after” and that’s where the reality sets in.

Here are lesser known facts that no one tells you about marriage.

You will not be bunnies

There is no denying that sex is crucial for marriage, but only sex is not marriage. Being married doesn’t mean that you will be having sex seven days a week. When juggling a million commitments simultaneously, there are bound to be dry spells. There will be times when sleep will take over sex. However, remember it’s just a phase and not a serious relationship crisis. you need not have sex every night to keep the romance alive in marriage. Sometimes, a simple hug or a caring touch is better.

You will get up int he morning and wonder, IS THIS IT FOREVER?

After the first night when you wake up in the morning and when you see your partner without the makeup – Don’t panic. Reality is nicer than fiction and its better than dreaming. Its time to get real about marriage. So set aside those rose tinted glasses, and focus on things: keeping the house clean, managing in laws, multi-tasking without freaking out. To make the relationship work, start from the morning.

Zero conflicts doesn’t mean a great marriage

You may always think that fight is something negative and something that needs to be stayed away from as it may put your relationship in a fix. However, not fighting at all is a far bigger problem. Whenever you fight you tend to bring out unspoken issues that you yourself weren’t aware of. When you don’t, it symbolize a couple is numb and has no communication whatsoever, it also shows maturity on your part to be able to resolve issues amicably.

‘I’ won’t be as important as ‘US’

He may want to go for a quite dinner while you may be dying to drool over the latest Bond flick. You may  want to color your room lilac, while he is happy with mum’s selection. With time, you will learn to zero-in on things that you both agree on and it will become a lot easier. The relationship will teach you that sometimes, seeing the other person’s point of view is more important that getting your way.

You’ll realize that you can’t change people

Everyone has their share of fantasies as to what they expect their partner to be like. But in the process, most of us end up being guilty of arm twisting him/her into our version of him/her. Its well know fact that old habits die hard. Let your partner adapt to his/her habits is far easier than expecting your loved one to change to suit your tastes.

Marriage will show you Your True Self

When you are in dating stage, you tend to be on your best behavior. All your insecurities and issues remain bottled inside for the fear that your partner might come to know about them and the he/she will judge  you on that basis only. However, after marriage, as you share your life together, it is impossible to keep those feelings hidden. The other person turns out to be the mirror of your true self. Since in life, we often live in denial. Hence, it is recommended not to keep any skeletons in the closet before getting married since you won’t be able to hide them for long. Each and every behavior and personality trait will be out in the open in front of your partner. And perhaps that’s the beauty of the relationship.

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