develop_trust_relationshipDeveloping trust is the key to a happy relationship. The feeling of togetherness, safety and connectedness automatically develops with trust. A lack of trust can ruin your life and turn your relationship into a nightmare making it an abusive and unwanted relationship. Thus we can say that the difference between a happy relationship and a nightmare is Trust.

But does all couples have trust in each other? Survey says that most of the couples found lack of trust in their relationship a major reason of stress in their life. Most of females complained –  I cannot trust him in this checkbooks, He always says he will do it, but he never does. Mens complained – I cannot trust her around the men, she always flirt.

Couples don’t realize that a relationship can go upside-down if faith goes away. In general it has been observed that couples believe that trust comes automatically with commitment and they deserved to be trusted. It is true to some extent but mutual trust, love and respect for each other can be increased purposefully and intentional.

Tips To Develop Trust In Relationship

Take The Responsibility :

Take the responsibility of your own actions. A trustworthy partner is always responsible for his/ her actions. Develop a sense of responsibility for your partner. Try to understand the fact that relationship are sweet responsibility and requires your maturity.

Honesty Is The Best Policy :

Devote yourself sincerely to the relations, be honest to each other in whatever you do say. One mistake and you can lose your trust. So be careful.

Show You Care :

Care does not mean that you plan romantic dayers often, your gesture, words and emotions says a lot. But trust is a greater emotion than love, so be focused on developing trust love will automatically follow.

Never Lie :

A lie is difficult to find, but once open it may lead to an end of relationship. Enjoying at a bar with your freinds telling the partner you are at meeting is betraying the trust. Always remember being truthful is the first step to a relationship and if foundation is wrong you cannot expect a beautiful building.

Do what you Say :

Always fulfill the promises made by you. Make sure your actions match your words. Keeping the promises will help your dear ones to believe you.

Live in Present :

It is very well said Yesterday is a history, tomorrow is a mystery, today is a gift.  So always live your present. As much as possible avoid interlinking present condition to past. It will only create stress leading to a communication gap between you and your partner.

Be A Good Listener :

Develop an habit of listening to your partner view and ideas carefully. This  will make him/her more closer and dependent on you for his/her decision.

Share your feeling :

Communication is a key to a healthy relationship. Share your ideas, thoughts, feeling, daily happenings and future plan with your partner. If possible ask him/her about suggestions also.

Don’t be ashamed to say sorry:

If you have hurt your partner’s feeling don;t be ashamed to say sorry.  I know it may be difficult to accept your mistake/fault some time, but apologizing will help him/her keep faith in you.

Learn to forgive and forget:

Forgiveness is the best gift given to others and yourself. Forgiving others make your relationship healthy and it also helps you stay stress free.  Bad memories will always make you feel low and reduce your self confidence and self esteem. Thus for staying happy you should alwaya try to forgive others.

Learn to Keep Secrets:

Avoid sharing  secrets of your partner with your family or friends. Develop an habit of keeping your partners secrets to yourself only, for developing a healthy and trust worthy relationship.

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