Women aren’t the only ones who can look gorgeous at formal occasions. Men can look equally spectacular and chic in a formal suit, with tailored stitching and a sleek and well kempt hairstyle. This fall, formal fashion trends for men are all about layers. Tuxedos, waistcoats, Italian boots and other attractive accessories will make you look like THE man.

Another very integral facet of the season’s fashion is the color combinations. Avoid going wild with them, and keep it neutral with tones of black, gray and blue.

2013 Men’s Fashion Trends for Fall

If you are looking for men’s fashion trends for fall, here are some basic essentials that will resolve all your fall formal fashion related dilemmas.

Upper Wear

Tuxedos and lapels are the two most stylish and sought after options. A lapel is similar to a normal formal coat, but the only different lies in the folded flaps at the front of the coat. Lapels have a number of defined flaps that provide intricacy and detailing to the coat. Waistcoats underneath will not only keep you warm, but they will also add more formality to the outfit. Contrast is the key ingredient in this case. Mix and match by choosing a black tuxedo and a dark gray waistcoat. A light gray tuxedo and a dull blue coat can also do the trick.


Cuff links and pocket squares made of silk will enhance the dapper touch. Go for minimalist cuff links that are simple, with just a few defined strips or gems. As for the latter, the silk material is ideal because any blend or polyester is going to look cheesy, and the silk also drapes the chest in a single fabric. You can also go for a fancy watch, with a larger than life sized dial. Chained straps or leather ones are both feasible options.

Bottom Wear

Keep it simple when it comes to the pants. Choose pants that have a straight fit, rather than ones that are bell bottomed or possess cigarette fitting. Ideally, the bottoms you choose should not be too tight, or too loose. Similar to upper wear, your pants also need to be color coordinated. Go for dark gray pants if you have a black tuxedo and a gray waistcoat underneath. You can even go for dark blue pants with a gray or black colored suit. It’s all about stirring things up a bit and bringing forth your own version of style.

Grooming & Hairstyles

When it comes to personal grooming, you really need to look polished and sharp. That means shaving away that excess stubble (it can make you look worn out, tired and laid back). Your hairstyle is equally important and simply brushing your hair for formal occasions this fall won’t do the trick. Get your hands on some hair wax or hair gel with staying power and comb it through wet hair. You can either go for a 70s look with a side parting, or go for an edgy one by combing all your hair back.

Causal themes come a long way in defining latest trends, but you can’t underestimate the power of formal fashion and the impact it has in every season. From tuxedos to cigarette fitting pants, the above mentioned trends will be toting the runways, weddings, dinners and all other formal occasions.

So, which is your personal favorite men’s formal fashion trend for fall? Please leave us a comment and let us know.