shoes are like sunlight to a women’s life. If you want to please your girl get her a pair of Isaac Mizrahi live shoes Zoë leather flat shoes and she’s going to be the happiest this Christmas. With changing trends, it’s hard to keep up with them. No one likes digging a hole in their pockets just because you want them all. Here’s a list of the best trends that have stood the testy of time.

Flat shoes or ballerinas

These babies have lived it through. Every now and then you buy a new pair because they are so comfortable and can be worn with almost anything and everything. Just put them on and forget about the world. Run, jump slide or just walk they are good to go with everything.

Kitten heels

Unlike the pointed ones these are also the most comfortable. These are best suited for a little shorter girls who want to look taller but don’t intend on wearing the pointy painful heels. You can walk normal and do whatever you want with these on. So, aren’t they just the right for you? Think about it.


Aren’t they all our favorites? We all have at least a pair of these. These might not be the comfortable ones but are definitely the stylish, wear once in a while thing. Wear them with your denims or dresses, they look equally amazing. Try out.

Ankle high boots

Another loved variety is the ankle high boots. They are just the right shoes for people who want boots but don’t want to wear knee length ones. These have their own charm and have lasted a while. Every now and then you come across a person wearing these and flaunting with pride. Got your pair yet?

Knee high cowboy boots

All of us remember Ted Mosby’s red cow boy boots, don’t we? They were sexy and even Lily and Robin couldn’t restrain themselves from falling in love with them. These are must have, irrespective of the time of year it is. Those cowboy boots have had a glory to be cherished and can be worn with almost anything and everything. Have them already?

Ankle high pump

These are the perfect office wear. They have this formal look and are comfortable to be worn and walked around. Get yourself a pair and you can’t help but wear them regularly. Try it out.

Cinderella wouldn’t have met the prince had it not been for the glass sandals. Don’t miss out on yours because you didn’t know what to wear. These are the ever green designs that almost all of us have worn at some point in our lives. If you haven’t already; get them ASAP and enjoy walking with style. Let your feet feel special and loved. Don’t let a minor detail like a shoe make you uncomfortable or give people a chance to judge you.