Vintage designer sunglasses are just like antiques and the confidence of wearing these makes them even more appealing. If you want to buy unique or antique vintage sunglasses then you should go and check the golden era of 50’s – 90′ sunglasses. There you can get higher quality and very unique styles. There are so many varieties of vintage sunglasses available in the market. Read and learn how to buy authentic vintage designer sunglasses.

  • At first, you should check that the vintage sunglasses suits perfectly with  your face. People, with rounded face, should go for more rectangular lenses which should be at least as wide as their face. Those persons who have more squarish faces and jaw lines should go for oval or round lenses for adding some curve to their look. There are over-sized sunglasses with interchangeable lenses which can be worn by men and women for all face sizes.
  • Then next step is selecting the best lens technology to protect your eyes and also given your lifestyle and fashion sense just like polarized versus mirrored sunglasses. Polarized lenses help to reduce glare which is a actual problem in water sports and certain other outdoor activities. Brand Ray-Ban make such lenses which changes from dark outside to light inside and are right for the light sensitive person who frequently is in and out of the sun on any given day. They darken to 75% of their full capacity within the first minute of exposure to the sun. Out of sunlight, they lighten half way in 10 minutes and about 75% within 90 minutes.
  • There is an alternative way for getting the same benefits as polarization but with often a more catching eye style is to get non-polarized lenses with a mirror coating. That means you can go for mirrored sunglasses. These are very stylish. A mirror coating will help with bounce back glare from the snow and will allow you to see the ice patches.

I think these tips will help you choose classic vintage designer sunglasses. Please leave us a comment and let us know your own experiences of buying vintage designer sunglasses.