“Just push through those initial stages — it’s tough at first but it’s so worth it!”

“I went through that too but the results are so good, I couldn’t ever try another fitness regime now!”

“If you want to get fit you’re not going to enjoy it, so just ensure you’re doing something beneficial at least…”

The list of reasons go on and on. Reasons that attempt to explain why you are not enjoying a fitness regime. There are so many different forms of fitness now, so many areas to focus on — it can feel impossible to truly find something that is going to work for you. If you hate something that everyone else loves, is there something wrong with you? Or, on the flip side, if you enjoy and see results from a regime you found on fitnessmusthaves.com but others insist is useless, is the evidence of your personal experience somehow not to be trusted?

Fitness doesn’t have to be this difficult. When you’re considering a new regime, a different exercise, or an innovative fitness class, then you need to keep the truths below in mind.

Look For The Profit Margin

If you are being told — on or offline — that a particular fitness regime is amazing and will definitely work for you, then be cautious. There’s a chance you’re being sold to rather than learning about a legitimate plan.

This is particularly important if you sign up to a fitness regime or class and then worry it’s not working for you. If you seek opinions on whether to continue, be wary for those who might be convincing you to stick with something because they stand to profit from your choice. It’s always best to solicit independent opinions, which is why forums can be so beneficial.

Everyone Is Different

Humans are unique entities. Just because one person finds success with one fitness regime doesn’t mean someone else will. We all have different body chemistry, different hormones, and different levels of willpower. So while there’s no harm in experimenting with trends in exercise, be realistic: sometimes, it might not work for you. And that’s completely fine.

Fitness is not uniform. It’s not as simple as people being told to all do exactly the same thing, but we hear it over and over again.

Variety Is The Spice Of True Fitness

As livescience.com makes clear, there are many different types of ‘fitness, from cardiovascular to strength training’. There’s no right way or wrong way to go about fitness; fitness is a mix, a blend of what works for you. If you choose to focus on one area more than the others, that’s fine. It’s beneficial if you mix up your workouts every now and again, but apart from that, your way is the best way. Prioritize exercise to your experience and needs.

Hopefully, keeping the above in mind will ensure a calm, reasoned approach to fitness for you in the future — good luck!