Anabolic steroids are well known in the world of medicine, weightlifting, and sports. Depending on the person using it, a wide variety of benefits can be achieved, but before we go into details, let’s talk about what steroids are, how they are used, the benefits you can get from them and the cons.

What Steroid Drugs Are

To put it simply, steroid drugs are a human-made version of hormones, more specifically talking, a variation of the human male hormone known as Testosterone. The correct name, though, is anabolic-androgenic steroids. Anabolic comes from Anabolism, and aspect of metabolism that is in charge of building muscles. Androgenic refers to the male features of humans such as deep voice, facial and pubic hair growth, between many other characteristics, directly linked to Testosterone.  You can also find this type of drug by the name of roids, candies, juice, and stackers.

What Steroid Drugs Are

In medicine, they are used for a wide variety of reasons. In adolescents with low levels of testosterone and hormonal imbalance, anabolics can help them develop male characteristics that otherwise would be missing. It also helps them develop stronger muscles and bones.

They can be used to treat diseases linked to inflammation. When inflammation is too strong, it can damage muscle tissue and organs if untreated. Steroid drugs are injected to deal with this inflammation, possibly saving internal organs. With kidney complications caused by inflammation, it can reduce the risks of suffering from kidney failure, which can be fatal. Another use of anabolic steroids is to deal with the pain caused by arthritis or similar inflammatory diseases.

How Testosterone and Steroid Drugs Are Related

Testosterone is a hormone that heavily affects physical performance in men, as well as mental health and other characteristics. Testosterone is directly linked to pubic and facial hair, voice deepness, sexual libido, and muscle growth.

Low levels of testosterone are linked to depression in men, as well as low motivation, bad sleep, and mood swings. It can also affect how our body absorbs nutrients and protein from food, how it burns fat, the recovery time after doing exercises, and how effectively our body converts physical activity into desirable results.

Although you can find steroid drugs in the form of pills, they are not as effective as injected steroids. To put it simply, by injecting it, you’ll increase the effectiveness of testosterone in the body, as well as its hormonal levels.

Healthy levels of this specific hormone can bring an incredible amount of benefits. For example, it can help you reduce weight by burning fats faster, or get more weight by increasing muscle mass production because of the enhancement in nutrient and protein absorption.

How Testosterone and Steroid Drugs Are Related

It also helps develops healthier and stronger bones, which is really important as we grow up because our bones start to lose minerals, thus, get weaker.

Although research is still young, science links testosterone to sexual performance and libido. It can indeed affect a men’s sexual drive, but there’s not enough scientific proof proving that it can improve sexual performance, like increasing the size of the penis or helping men last longer in bed.

Something that is proven is the fact that testosterone makes men more proactive and motivated. Low levels of this hormone can cause depression, lack of sleep and problems with focus. Healthy levels of it can help a man become more focused and think better when it comes to problem solving or creativity, and many men have claimed that it has helped them become more successful. If you are curious about it, you can always check this article over here.

Other Uses of Steroids: Why Athletes Use Them

When you ask someone whether using anabolics is worth it or not, you might get different answers depending on who you ask. For example, someone who’s not interested in muscle training, sports, and exercises at all, might not be interested in using drugs to improve their performance.

Those who are into training and exercises for the sake of healthiness might think that they are not worth it. Considering how steroids have developed a bad reputation over the years, it is very understandable.

But the story might be different if you ask someone who has goals and achievements to fulfill in mind. Athletes, bodybuilders, and people who truly want to enhance their performance to get results faster and more efficiently might give you a “Yes, they are worth it” as an answer.

But there are too many things to consider before making a decision. I mean,  anabolic steroid drugs for sale are quite effective, but you have to be careful when you use them since they can cause a wide variety of side-effects if used incorrectly like any other drug out in the market.

Still, if you are careful, you can avoid said side-effects without ruining your training. A great way of doing it is by starting strong, focusing on doing as many exercises and training as possible, then slowly reduce the dose until side-effects show up. If you start feeling one of the mentioned side-effects, you should cut it out and keep training as hard as possible. The withdrawal might be difficult to handle at first, but if you keep on training, it’ll get easier the more you do it.

Possible Side-Effects

The fact that they can increase stamina, endurance, strength, energy, physical performance, and improve our body’s capabilities to produce muscle mass and increase its condition, is what entices people into using them, but if you don’t know how they work, you might make the wrong decision.

What’s so scary bout steroids is the fact that they can harm your body permanently if you don’t pay attention and act accordingly. The most harmful side-effects include kidney complications because of how the body absorbs it, testicle shrinking due to how it affects sexual development and sexual hormones, and urinary problems.

Other side effects include mood swings, muscular pain, highblood pressure, balding and acne. You’ll also have to train very hard to get the most out of them. If you don’t, you’ll just risk your health without gaining anything from it. It is normal to work twice as hard without as many rests and complicated routines.

Still, if you stick to my previous advise and focus on exercising and training as much as possible, you’ll might get benefits without risking your health at all.