More than 34 million people in the United States and 71 million people in the world wear contact lenses. The average age of contact lens wearers globally was 31 in 2010.

People choose to wear contact lenses for many different reasons; namely the look and feel are the most common motivating factors for those who opt to wear contact lenses over glasses.

Those who require visual correction will be aware of the inconvenience, discomfort and effect on a person’s self-esteem that wearing glasses can have. Although glasses have come a long way since the 1980’s jam jars with some stylish options available on the market, thanks to contact lenses glasses are not the only solution available for those in need of assistance with their sight. If you don’t want to wear glasses then you no longer have to and let’s face it- most people don’t want to wear them.

Due to the advancements in technology, improvements and developments are continually being, these have included the material used, the length of time the user can wear them for etc whereas in earlier days, the first contact lenses were reported to have been difficult and uncomfortable to use. Nowadays this problem has been almost entirely alleviated resulting in the younger generation actually preferring them to glasses.

It makes sense that if an older person has become accustomed to wearing glasses they are likely to carry on with what they are happy with, making it unlikely that they will convert to contact lenses whereas younger people seem to opt for contact lenses as their first choice, only wearing glasses as a last resort.

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