Mother’s Day is just around the corner, and you’re now looking at personalized jewelry to make that day extra special for her. Personalizing pieces of jewelry for mom means that you put in the extra time, effort, and money to make the present more meaningful than usual.

So, here are ten of the best personalized jewelry you can give your mom for Mother’s Day:

1 Astrology Coin Necklace

Is your mom an Aquarius or Cancer?  Was she born in August or December?

Your mother might be the type of person who looks at her horoscope each day. If so, give a coin necklace with her star sign embedded in it. With it, your mom can flaunt her astrological sign to her friends, saying that the stars aligned in her favor for that particular day.

By now, you might be thinking about the design of your custom jewelry. Several reliable sources for custom pieces of jewelry exist that may allow you to embed astrological signs in coin necklaces or other trinkets. For example, check out the following website:

2 Personalized Pendant

You might think that getting mom a Mother’s Day gift that shows her birthstone is an excellent idea. Then, consider giving her a customized pendant with a gem embedded in it.

For instance, your mom might be born in May, which means that an emerald pendant should be an ideal custom gift for her. Also, if you’re on a tight budget, this birthstone coincides with the month when the world celebrates Mother’s Day. This means that you can give it to your mother as a “two-in-one” present.

3 Heart-Shaped Necklace

Perhaps, nothing can say “I love you” to your mom better than the heart symbol. Let your mom wear a customized heart-shaped necklace on Mother’s Day and beyond with this present. Personalize this piece of jewelry even further by embedding your names on the accessory.

4 Custom Message Necklace

Your mom is a superhero, and not all superheroes (or superheroines) wear capes. Having said that, your mom would feel so much prouder of her name if you give her a message or text necklace with her beautiful  name on it.

5 Silver Script Initial Ring

If you think a text necklace with your mom’s name on it is a bit too much, then, you can opt for a more discreet present. Customize a sterling silver ring to show your mom’s initials on it. However, the challenging part about giving a ring for Mother’s Day is ensuring that the accessory fits your mom’s finger.

6 Engraved Heart Locket

You’d want your mother to remember that you’ll always be there for her when she needs you. One look at a heart locket with your names engraved in it will remind her that you’ll always be by her side. This particular present is excellent for moms living away from their loved ones.

7 Personalized Bar Necklace

Dog tags help identify wounded soldiers in battle. But, you don’t have to buy a dog tag for your mom. Instead, you can beautify that idea into small, customized trinkets for her to wear.

Buy your mom a personalized bar necklace with the names of her sons and/or daughters on it. Another idea is to put the names of your dogs on these tags. Hence, this gift makes for the perfect present for dog-loving mothers out there.

8 Coordinate Bracelet

Do you want to give your mother a present that’s both obvious and mysterious?  If so, consider giving her a bracelet with the coordinates to her hometown. The text might look inconspicuous when seen by other people, but your mom should know better than other folks and will know the true meaning behind the gift.

9 Thumbprint Charm

Each person in this world is unique. Show your mom that she’s one of a kind by embedding her thumbprint in a charm, which she can attach to a necklace or bracelet.

10 Custom Interlocking Necklace

You and your mom might be akin to two pieces in a pod. Let her show that connection to the world by presenting her with a custom interlocking necklace on Mother’s Day. This gift gives your mother a sweet daily reminder of your close ties with each other.


After picking one (or a few) personalized pieces of jewelry from this list, consider adding storage to ensure your present will always be secure. Think about giving your mom a customized bar necklace, an emerald pendant, or a bracelet with the coordinates of her hometown written on it. Spend the extra time and effort to personalize your Mother’s Day gift, and watch as your mom’s eyes fill with glee when she opens your present.