Women adorn jewelry to enhance their beauty and look desirable. The necklace is one of the vital jewelry that is worn. That is because it is worn on the neck and is the most exposed jewelry. One very easily notices what is worn on the neck and that has to be something chic and unique.

A pendant is an essential part of a necklace. It is tied to the necklace and acts as the icing on the cake. Even if the necklace is a small or sleek one, a stunning pendant can still enhance the look. It beautifies a necklace. Women, therefore, tend to go for the best necklace available in the market. If we talk about the stone pendant, the most flamboyant one would be the one made of emerald. There are reasons why the emerald pendant is the best.

  • It’s worth – Emerald was worn by famous emperors like Queen Cleopatra and Queen Elizabeth. From the past eras, it has been considered as a royal gemstone. It is and always has an expensive gemstone. Its prices begin from Rs. 800 ($12.30) to 2 lakhs ($3076) per carat. It is always in high demand in the national and international market. Because of its worth, it is an asset. So if you get an emerald pendant today, it is sure to rise in price and you may sell it to meet some unpredicted financial crisis.
  • It goes with any metal – Emerald can be paired with any metal. That is its specialty. The exquisite stone can make a great jewelry item. Emerald pendant will look great with any necklace be it gold, white gold, pearl or silver. And that is the reason emerald pendant can be worn at all occasions and with all attires. That makes the emerald stone an all-rounder. 
  • Its beauty – Emerald is a beryllium aluminum silicate. It is one of the precious gems found in the world. The name emerald comes from the Greek word which means “greenstone”. The brilliant green color of the stone is very fascinating. Pendants made with emerald are sure to catch the attention of the others and will gather positive compliments for you.
  • Astrological benefits – As per astrology emerald represents the planet mercury and this planet rules intellect. It is said if a person wears emerald he can improve on his intellect and wisdom. As per the ancient astrologers, emerald helps you become more creative and enhances your imagination power. Emerald symbolizes prosperity. If you wear an emerald, you are bound to succeed in your life and reach the zenith. Lastly, it bestows the love in the relationship and grants faithfulness to its wearer. Some even say that it builds better understanding between couples. Emerald has multi astrological benefits. You can go for any of them.

Emerald has a strong and beautiful energy that helps you release the traces of negativity. When you own it you will know about the stone’s nurturing energies. You would be glad that you decided to include this green powerful stone in your collection.