Vintage is bang-on-trend right now. In fact, celebs are all coming out in vintage classics. And it can leave us inspired for our own wardrobe. But you don’t have to overhaul your whole wardrobe if you want to go old school with some retro pieces. In fact, there are some simple ways you can incorporate a retro feel into your outfits. In fact, here are some vintage tweaks for your summer wardrobe.

Add some vintage cat-eye sunglasses to your wardrobe

Now that summer is on the horizon, we want to get some cute new sunglasses for the new season. After all, they are a summer staple that are never too far from our side during the next few months. And they are a great way to add an old school feel to your wardrobe. After all, if you go for a pair of retro cat-eye sunglasses, you will be taking inspiration from the likes of Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly. In fact, go for a cool white or black to add some style to your wardrobe. Or you might want to go bold with a blue or pink. They will help to give your outfit an old school feel. And they will be perfect to wear through the day and into the early evening! Just remember to pack them in your case if you are going to take them on your vacation!

Go for a classic one-piece swimsuit

We are all looking for a great bikini now that the summer is on its way. After all, it will come in so useful for your next vacation. And for days you want to hit the outdoor swimming pool in your area. But if you want to give your wardrobe a touch of vintage, you should consider going for an old school one-piece swimsuit instead. If you go for one with a classic frill, it will feel like you have gone back in time. Not only will it look great but it can help you to feel more confident too. After all, it can be hard to feel sexy when you are in a bikini which shows off all your skin. Remember to look online too when hunting down a classic one-piece swimsuit. After all, you might get a great voucher like modcloth coupons which will get you a reduced rate on your swim section. Therefore, you might be able to get a great new cossie for a fraction of the price.

Add some old school band tees to your wardrobe

You will struggle to go in any of the high-street shops at the moment without seeing any classic band tees. In fact, there are loads of them with prints of the top bands like Guns and Roses and AC/DC. Therefore, if you want to take a step back in time with your wardrobe, you should consider getting one of these to wear with your jeans. After all, they will be perfect for when the sun shines its head. And the rock chic look will feel like you are taking it back to 80’s fashion.

And don’t forget a big floppy hat which will help give your wardrobe a vintage feel, as well as protect you from the sun in the summer months!