Lingerie is the most important part of the women wardrobe. A Good bra is important because it gives support to the breast which no muscles of their own and are only held up by the pectoral muscles (the muscles of the chest on which they lie).

Many times you might have faced the problem of deciding on what bras to wear before choosing a stylish dress for your self.

A correct bra style gives you the required support and at a same time also gives you the desired look. There is a vast range of lingerie variety to choose from ranging from the full coverage bras to barely there adhesive cups, which can keep you collected with almost any dress style.

In this article I have elaborated few guidelines to be considered for selecting the best suited bra styles for you as they alone can make a huge difference to your personality:

Deep V Neckline:

Go for “plunge’ or “cut away’ bras while wearing deep V-necklines. The cups in these bras are joined by a thinner band near the bottom of the bra giving you a perfect stylish look in the dress

Lightweight Knits & Body Hugging Tops:

Go for “t-shirt bras’ which are smooth seamless bras Giving you a perfect look for these style tops.  Do not go for lacy bras or bow details ones as these gives an uneven appearance around your bust.

Low-Back and Backless styles:

Go for Backless bras, stick on cups and adhesive bras with such outfits. These have supportive loops around the armhole so as there is no display of the band n your back, and thus provide a stunning look to you dress.

Spaghetti Straps & Strapless:

Always go for the strapless bra in nude or black which can compliment your dress and at a same time can provide the support required. Do not go for the bulky bra straps as they look quite tacky spoiling your look.
Halter Tops & Asymmetric Styles:

With such style the best option is to go with the convertible bras which give you the liberty to be adjusted as per the style (halter necks and one-shoulder styles) of your top.

T-backs and Tanks:

When you are experimenting with the sporty look always prefer going with the racer-back bras to compliment your style.

Moreover, when you are about to select a bra make sure you do the followings:

  1. Choose a Style as listed above.
  2. Try the bra you are interested in.
  3. Look at the band that goes around your body. This should provide most of the support, not the shoulder straps.
  4. The wires running underneath the bust should lie flat against your rib cage and enclose the breast rather than sit on the breast tissue.
  5. The cups should fully contain your breasts and create a smooth line where the top of the cups meets your breasts.
  6. Move here and there and check the comfort of that bra.

I hope all these criterias will certainly ease out the pain of selecting the right bra for you. Please leave me a comment and share your own experiences of choosing a bra with us. Don’t forget to subscribe our RSS to receive latest updates.