Every year, every season, style never seizes to stop and continues to carve through new barriers. Some styles become timeless but others seem to fade away as time goes on. Right now, one of the trendiest styles is eating healthy and looking into products that are all-natural. Kratom is an all-natural product that is an energy enhancer, mood booster, and pain reliever.

One of the most common strains being used is called yellow Vietnam kratom and it is named that way because when harvested, the leaves are yellow-veined and are only native to Vietnam. Kratom Krush has a large range of strains to choose from and yellow Vietnam is also available in its purest form.

We will be explaining everything you need to know about kratom and talk about a couple of ways kratom can improve your health and lifestyle. Kratom originally comes from a tropical evergreen tree called the mitragyna speciosa. This tree is normally found in Vietnam and countries in Southeast Asia.

Traditionally, they pick the leaves from the tree and eat it raw but what most people now do is that they grind the leaf into a powder. They then use the powder and add it to various foods and teas to enjoy the kratom feeling. Depending on the strain you get, the effects will be different and not all strains provide the same effects.

What is inside kratom? There are two compounds that makeup kratom. The first is mitragynine and the second is 7-hydroxy mitragynine. Mitragynine is an indole-based alkaloid and kratom has the highest alkaloid concentration in the whole Southeast Asiatic region. There are a lot of kratom alkaloids reacting inside your body. What these compounds do is that they interact with the brain and its opioid receptors. With this reaction, it produces pleasure, sedation, and decreases certain pains in the body.

The first way kratom can improve your life is by giving you an energy booster when you feel tired. Instead of always drinking cups and cups of coffee every day, a small intake of kratom can do the trick and it can even last longer than coffee. This stimulant will work throughout the day and will keep you motivated.

Some of the side effects that kratom can cause are nausea, itching, dry mouth, loss of appetite, and increased urination. Out of all the general side effects kratom can cause, the most frequently heard is the loss of appetite and nausea. For nausea, it usually tends to happen when people take too much and they get dizzy. There does exist the possibility of getting kratom withdrawals even after you have stopped taking it. Read the recommended dosage before using and make sure that you believe you are able to take this product.

Currently, kratom is legal in the United States. There are no restrictions put by the FDA, Food and Drug Administration, but they have said to use kratom with caution. This is due to kratom being a botanical substance and it has psychoactive compounds that alter their mood or perception.

Just like any product from fast food to even water, everything must be taken in moderation. There can be many severe side effects if not taken with the right precaution but so far there has been much more positive related news about kratom than negative. The FDA still continues to do research on kratom but has not found enough information to say that it should be banned but instead, has medicinal purposes for those who struggle with other forms of diseases.

There are many ways you can take kratom but the most common ways currently being used is through capsules, integrating it into food or tea, or using a method called the ‘toss and wash’. Capsules are primarily used for medical purposes and taken a couple times a day whenever you need a boost in energy or something to cheer you up.

Another way you can use kratom is by mixing it with your food or tea. There are a lot of natural tea extracts that can be added into your favorite teas or you can make a kratom tea. Online there are a lot of recipes that show you step by step how to make kratom tea so I encourage you to go out and try it.

Lastly, there is the ‘toss and wash’. The ‘toss and wash’ is a method just how it sounds. You first have to measure out the powdered kratom in the amount you want. Then you toss the kratom into your mouth with the intention of swallowing it as fast as possible. Kratom is a very bitter substance and you don’t want to keep it in your mouth for very long. Once you do this, wash it down with a drink of your choice. Preferably to feel a longer and more potent effect, you would want to drink it with caffeine or anything containing vitamin C.

The ‘toss and wash’ is by far the fastest way to feel kratom. Because it is directly going into your body, you will feel the kratom sensation almost instantly. Kratom is still relatively new for most people and as time goes on, it will only increase in popularity. There is still so much to learn about kratom but if we continue to go in this direction, I believe that kratom has a long and beautiful road ahead.