Women are going crazy with the latest detox diets which are nothing but an alternative medicine approach to rid the body of toxins to improve your health & body. Many scientists don’t believe that your body needs cleansing as they see no medical benefits in it.

Moreover, the toxins which are claimed by various dietitians are not yet defined properly, still dietitians prescribe detox diets as they see improvement in human body by following these diets.

The idea behind body detoxification is to clean the clogged toxins away from your body thus a detox diet is prescribed to remove the chemicals or toxins away from your body to keep up healthy lifestyle. Detox diets consists of nuts, fruits, vegetables and cutting down on alcohol, sugar and caffeine etc.

Nowadays, various dietitians are suggesting detox diets and defining customized detox diet frequency. Following are 3 detox diet plans which will help you stay in shape and keep in good health.

Raw food diet

  1. Dietitians believe that food eaten in its natural form which is raw food is healthier.
  2. Dietitians prescribe to avoid all foods which contain additives, preserved foods or degraded nutrients which aren’t helpful at all.
  3. When you eat food in its raw form, food’s constituents like fibre, vitamins, chlorophyll and essential minerals are preserved automatically which are vital for healthier immune system.
  4. Various foods like eggs or poultry beef, goat, chicken can’t be consumed raw so it’s better to avoid those foods and switch to healthier vegetables and fresh fruits.
  5. Prefer nuts or juices and consume more water to keep yourself hydrated.
  6. Best part about Raw Food Diet lies in its ease on your digestive system because of unprocessed food which eventually can clean your liver.

Mono detox diet

  1. The principal behind mono detox diet lies in choosing one type of food and sticking with that food, fruit for a particular time period. I.e. you choose fruits and then eat fruits only for a week as per your dietician’s instructions.
  2. Mono detox reduces the amount of labor your digestive system undergoes for digestion. Switching to mono detox lets your body work on internal repairing rather focusing entirely on digestion.
  3. Mono food is popular amongst those who do not wish to fast or leave food for longer durations. All you have to do is eat only one kind of food.
  4. Your dietician will prescribe either apples, grapes or some other popular mono detox foods which will suit your body. Moreover, ample supply of water can bathe the body cells so consuming ample water is suggested.
  5. Mono detox diet helps in maintaining the pH balance along with sugar level in the bloodstream.

Juice fast detox diet

  1. A juice fast detox diet consists of fresh fruit or vegetable juices which are freshly squeezed. Simply avoid pre packaged juices as they contain lots of preservatives.
  2. Cleansing process or detoxification is promoted by the fresh enzymes supplied by fresh juices.
  3. To rejuvenate your entire body you need additional support of minerals, enzymes and vitamins which are present in fresh fruit or vegetables juices. Moreover, your digestive system doesn’t have to work hard as human body assimilates the juices directly without producing digestive enzymes.
  4. Alkaline properties present in the fresh juices help the body to restore the acid alkaline balance for healthier body and digestive system.
  5. Juice fast detox diets also helps in loosing those extra pounds pilled under your belly without hassle. Moveover, juice detox diet strengthens your immune system and flush out toxins easily.

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