Diet Food making you FatHave you ever wondered why even after going only for diet food option you end up piling on the pounds? One reason could be you are over eating the so called Diet Foods i.e. chips, cola etc. A study conducted by the scientists have proven that many diet food are unhealthy as they temp people to over eat them even though they have dieting in their minds.

Every one wants to look gorgeous, stylish, trendy, sexy with well shaped body but the pressure at work, engagements and commitments gives very less time to exercise. People tend to follow some sort of dieting because that seems to be easier than exercising for 1-2 hours. They start preferring diet food over normal routine food. But, the misconception about the diet food makes them go even fatter. There are various things which you consume thinking safe but if you think in terms of calories you will find that actually you are taking more than a sandwich though you are on dieting.

Here is how you can spot those hidden calorie traps.

Diet Drinks

Artificial sweeteners used in low calorie drinks can make you put on weight, according to researchers in US. They say the sweeteners used in these drinks trick the body into thinking it’s about to get to huge surge of calories and when it doesn’t, you get hungry and over eat.
How to Cut the Calories

It’s healthier to stick to plain water but if you’ve got a taste for the fizz then wean yourself off by mixing fresh fruit juice with sparkling water, gradually upping the amount of water you use each time. Add a squeeze of lemon juice (this will boost your digestion).

Breakfast Bars

Low fat cereal bars look tempting with their Only 90 calories! promises but avoid them if you can. Many are packed with artificial sweeteners and sugar. They give you an instant hit of energy, then crash your blood sugar levels, leaving you feeling tired and hungry. Those tiny little bars rarely satisfy hunger either, so one is never enough.

How to Cut the Calories

If it’s nutty, crunchy snack you’re after, have a small handful of nuts. A recent study revealed nuts eater eat less overall because nuts are packet with protein and keep you feeling full for a long time.


Smoothies are a great way of hitting your five a day fruit and veg target. However, studies show pureed fruit doesn’t full you up as much as the whole fruit equivalent because some of the fiber gets wiped out in the smoothie making process. They can also pack a real calorie punch. Avoid smoothies with coconut. A pineapple, banana and coconut smoothie from innocent, for example is 190 calories more or less same like a sandwich.

How to Cut the calories

Stick to whole fruit, which is just as quick and easy to eat asĀ  a smoothie. Or limit yourself to one a day and see it as a between meal snack, not a drink to go with a meal.


Oatcakes are a great source of fiber and make a healthy snack. But, most oatcakes contain arround 50 calories each, and they’re usually packaged in little sets of six, so it’s very tempting to finish off the lot. Even without a topping, you can nibble your way to 300 calories, and they won’t fill you up as much as 300 calorie sandwich containing chicken or tuna, and salad. If you have a topping with your oatcakes, such as peanut butter or cheese, you can double that calorie total.

How to cut the calories

Stick to two or three at the most, and choose healthy toppings such as sliced cucumber or hummus.


Salads are another food that people automatically assume are perfect. But ones with coleslaw, croutons, rich dressing or potato salads are anything but, and can contain more calories than a jacket more calories than a jacket potato, sandwich or even a Big Mac!

How to cut the calories

Go for a salad that contains protein (such as tuna, egg or chicken) and plain veg. Oily potatoes, croutons and anything white (such as mayo) is best avoided. A little fat is good for a salad as it helps your body absorb the nutrients from the veg better. Stick to good fats found in oily fish such as salmon, olive oil or avocado. If you’re in a restaurant, always ask for your dressing on the side and add it sparingly.

Low Fat Muffins

Even muffins described as Low Fat or lite are packed with butter, sugar and fat. Just slightly less butter, sugar and fat than regular muffins. Low fat coffee-shop muffins also contain a lot more sugar than regular ones (manufacturers take out some of the fat and replace it with sugar for taste). This simulates hunger so you’re likely to be peckish within an hour and they are still packed with 300-400 calories.

How to cut the calories

Avoid them if you can. If you fancy something sweet with your cofee, go for lower calorie biscotti or sprinkle cinnamon on your latte. Its calorie free and takes the edge off your hunger.