Do you feel you are turning forgetful by the day? Have you ever noticed that you have missed or forgotten something which you aren’t able to recall at all even you try hard.

Its common because of anxiety, stress and competition to survive at work. Though it doesn’t cause any problem but it can hamper your reputation if you forget something important at work.

What if your boss gave you a long list and then at the time of presentation you forgot an important file thus the whole meeting is a mess. Try these simple tips to boost your memory

Make a List

Make a list of random items in your mind. After a span of 10 mins, try and recollect the list. It exercise the brain and boost your memory. If you mastered the list of five, Increase the number of items in your memory. Keep challenging yourself on a daily basis and see if you can do more.


Sudoku requires you to contemplate possibilities and work with various cues. It improves focus, trains the brain and boost memory power.

Chocolate Powder

Chocolate contain cocoa which is rich inflavanols. Research has shown that flavanols increase blood flow to certain key areas of the brain. Next time you find yourself zooming out, head for a bar of chocolate.

Remember Why

A simple way to remember is by telling yourself to do it. Instruct yourself to remember, sends a signal to your subconscious and rank this sis highly important. Another way is to tell yourself why you want to remember it and how you will.

Cards Are Good

Get a deck of cards and begin  to lay the cards face down on the table. Flip one card up, and then another, try to find its mate. If they match Keep the pair by removing them from the table. If they don’t match flip them back over and challenge yourself to remember where these two cards were. You can also time and game and try to beat your own record.

Power Nap

If possible, take half  an hour out everyday and opt for a power. Research has proved that a shortday time nap can significantly boost memory power.

Make a Game

Strengthen lateral thinking by playing this game in the car with a group. Someone needs to choose a random item by looking out of the window and the others have to come up with the best way to make money from it. A stone can be used to host advertisements, to drive away pests, as an exercise tool, etc.

Take a Walk

To remember the topics for a speech, take a walk around a well acquainted place. Associate each location with topics in the speech. For instance, at the front door, you make a greeting; at the shoe stand, introduce the topic; at the fridge, give a personal example; at the balcony, give statistics; and in the bedroom, appeal for volunteers.

If you forget your speech midway, you simply walk around the home and you’ll see the items on your list.

Get the Balance

Balancing gives your brain a boost. Research has found that coordinated movements increase your brain power. so, next time instead of simply walking, walk a straight line by making a conscious effort to put one foot directly in front of that call for concentration have been found to increase neural connectivity by as much as 25%.


Try to visualize anything you read, Link one part with another. The brain can understand links easily. Now, jot down as much as you remember. This will help you boost your memory on recalling day to day incidents.

Blind Game

A jigsaw puzzle is a great method to boost one’s memory, provided you play it blind. Before you start solving puzzle, take a good look at the picture and try to memorize it, using the picture’s colors, the character’s shapes, etc. Then, start solving the puzzle without looking at the picture till the very end.

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