make_relationship_workDoes Absence makes the heart grow fonder or does it make the heart wonder? Depends on how you deal with it. Being in a long relationship is tough but definitely possible  and if you want to make it work, here are some effective survival tips :

– While you are sleeping

Time difference may play havoc in your relationship if your partner is in another country. Your sunrise may be your partner’s sunset. It can get frustrating when you are desperate to hear your partner’s voice and s/he may be in deep slumber. the solution is . Fix a time to chat halfway i.e nobody is to sleepy or too peppy.

– Cross my heart

Yes, honesty is the best policy. especially when it comes to maintaining a long distance relationship. Share your thoughts  – good or bad with your partner. Don’t hide what you are feeling – if your partner knows you well, s/he will be perceptive if you are covering up the truth. Be open and honest with each other.

– Forget Me Not

Strength your commitment from various forms of communication like e-mails, SMS, telephone or even the old good letter. Surprise your partner with sweet messages and occasional gifts. Send photographs and cute notes. Write important things down to share with your partner in case you might forget it during the conversation.
– Guilt Trip

If you love me , come back. Its great if your partner can just pack his/her bags and return to you, but if s/he genuinely can’t, you need to understanding and supportive in the situation. It’s unfair for you to emotionally blackmail your partner into returning. at the end of the day physical proximity should be overcome by the emotional security.

– Busy Body

The advantage of going away is that you will be busy adjusting to your new soundings and people . But if you are the one staying home , It’s but natural that there will be sudden emotioness in your life without partner. Add some zing to your normal routine to avoid the void . Join classes, play sport , And please don’t stop socializing just because your partner isn’t around.

– I believe

many couples are psyched into believing that long distance relationship do not work, so it’s better to break up before th temporary separation. Please don’t be influenced and succumb to this negativity.If you have faith in your partner and your relationship, then give it your 100% . failing the test before even giving it is the coward’s way out. Exercise your belief and watch your relationship blossom.

– Sweet Meets

Reunions are like major supply fuel of relatioship. Make sure these these are planned as often as possible . If your partner lives far away , both of you should compromise and meet half awy. Plan a weekend get away if your partner lives closer. The anticipation to the meeting will add to the excitement of actualy being together.

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