Are you a migraine patient? Do you find it hard to handle the pain from your headache without crying? Well a lot of women mostly or even men suffer from headaches or the agonizing migraine. Eating tablets every time your head threatens to explode is not the solution. But then many people like to believe that there is no cure to migraine.

That’s where we can say we can make your life better. Have you heard about Zen meditation? Not most have but Zen meditation makes the pain from any kind of headache or illnesses reduce. Let’s go further to discuss this about how you can reduce the pain of a headache or any other kind of hurt.

Everyone has a pain threshold. Some may be able to handle more, but some may find it very hard and within days will look worn off given the pain. Zen mediation works by thickening the grey matter in our brain. Given the research by MU – Montreal University, pain toleration was monitored in both Zen mediators and non mediators.

Anterior Cingulate the central part of the brain is said to regulate the pain. Zen meditation is meditation for pain management. You are asked take a painful posture which then makes you more tolerant to pain. The cortical thickness of the brain and pain sensitivity is linked. The more pain you tolerate, the thickness of your cortex is said to thicken.
Zen meditation is all about relaxing the mind and body. You are asked to breathe slower so that you can send your body in to a calmer state to reduce the heart rate and clear the mind of any thoughts. Zen is practiced by many cultures and has persisted over thousands of years.

You will find yourself meditating in different sitting positions that need you to tolerate pain and also rid your mind of any thought. Once you do so, you will find yourself becoming one of the Zen mediators’ who develop thicker cortexes and higher pain bearing thresholds.

For people who have chronic aches like in liver or belly or are plagued with some illness, Zen can be quite helpful. The different positions are the formulae to induce ache and make you get used to that ache without relieving it.

With age grey matter gets compromised and hence, we become weaker against pain. As we grow older, we also develop weakness. Hence, the ache by Zen positions is said to increase the grey matter and restore your toleration to pain.
A lot people might give up at the thought of pain induced to reduce pain but Zen is a guaranteed solution and is also endorses by many people. Scientists too having done research and recommend it.

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