Efficient Ways To Soak Up the Sun to absorb vitamin D

Sun is the soul of whole universe. All beings on the earth owe their existence to Sun. Sun Is life. Sun is a rich source of Vitamin D, it also serve as a natural deoxidant by  bringing out toxins from the body in the form of sweat. Sun light also kill germs. If you are looking to know efficient ways to soak up the sun aka sun exposure you would be amazed to know the benefits of sun rays on human body.

Correct Way Of Utilizing Sun Rays

While sitting in the sun we should  make sure our head is covered. We should take sunlight on our spine to strength our nervous system, first for 10 minutes and then in the front and accordingly the timings can be doubled.

Soaking in Sunlight As Per Capability

We should take sunlight as per our requirement and capability. We should not consider that if another person is taking sunlight for one hour, we can also do the same. When the sunlight becomes unbearable just stop taking it, irrespective of the time.

Where To Take Sunlight

It is best to soak in sunlight at sandy places. But since in big cities such areas are not available, we can sit on a mat at any neat and clean place. The sun rays that reach us through rivers, lakes or greenery are the best.

Sun Rays & Detoxication

It is advised to take a glass of warm water and cover the body with green leaves, banana leaves or any leaves big enough.  Sweating starts with in 25-35 minutes. If at that time we can take bath in cold water all the toxins come out of body and our skin begins to glow and becomes healthy. The blood circulation  also improves.

Sun’s Heat Energy & Food

Oranges and bananas contain lots of sun rays as they are more exposed to the sun. Although, a fair amount of sun rays are there in every sort of vegetable but its quantity is comparatively more in cabbage and corn than in underground beets and potatoes.  We can keep the vegetables in the sun before cooking them. Fruits can also be kept and eaten. We can also keep the cooking oil in the sun.

Sun Rays & Eye Sight

Sun is great for the eyes too. Sitting in the sun with closed eyes for 5 – 15 minutes has a good  effect. It will be all the more beneficial if the sun rays reach the eyes through green leaves. After that fill the mouth with water and retain it. Splash water on the eyes and if possible in a small container take some water and blink your eyes but also improves the eyesight.

Sunlight & The Body

We often see that the farmers who work in the open field have better health than those professionals who sit and work inside homes or offices.  Though they are deficient  in their food intake but this deficiency is overcome by the enormous amount of sunlight they soak in. Sun rays help in sweating which ultimately results in decreasing body fat, bringing in joy, happiness and everlasting health. So soaking in maximum sunlight especially during the winter is a boon for all of us.

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