christmas celebrtaions - Fitness Mantra

With the holiday season not to far away, it can be really difficult to lose weight, thanks to the unending parties, exquisite dinners and alcohol that is organized all the time. But now dietary experts have offered few tricks that could help you keep a check on calories while enjoying the festivities.

Ursula Arens, spokesperson for the British Dietary Dietic Association has said that on average, people gain five lbs (2 kg) in the four week Christmas period. Trying to lose weight at this time is totally ridiculous and socially unpleasant. You just need to aim for stability.

Arens said that one could cut calories in a Christmas meal by choosing white turkey meat, removing the skin ( saying about 50 calories per portion ) and stacking high the un-buttered veggies. The overall weight gain works out just an extra 500 calories a day , said Elisabeth Weichselbaum of the British Nutrition Foundation.

And that is the equivalent of a mince pie and a few extra glasses of wine. The dieticians advised that drinking wine instead of cocktails or creamy tipples can, more often than not, help to keep things under control in the parties, considered to be the major calorie hotspot. Also, one could swap each alcoholic drink with the glass of water. Adding fizzy water to white wine for spritzers that last longer makes sure that you that you do not take in extra calories.

Weichselbaum said that endless snacks during parties could be disastrous. You can easily consume the equivalent of the whole meal just in canapes, she said. She advised sticking to the one handful rule ( one handful of crisps or nuts, then stop ) when it comes to snacks. Also, she recommended staying strict with canapes-avoiding whose with creamy toppings or pastry bases. just pick one or two others, and then stop.

Rather than gorging on those mega-sized tins of chocolate while watching TV, Arens said that it’s better to go for a glorious sweet-eating time once a day where you open the tin, scoff a few, then put it on the top shelf until the next day.

Arens said that to avoid gaining weight, flick the pie-just flick off the top of your mince-pie and you lose a third of its 240 calories. One flick finger cuts a third of the calories without imparting your enjoyment, she said. And don’t forget to workout this Christmas season-shopping or party-going can involve a surprising amount of walking. Just half an hour of brisk walking burns off about 200 calories, so it is poeeible to erase the rest of that mince pie in a single trip out.For maximum weight management you must find your perfect walking pace. Start walking, then once your’e warm try to increase pace until you are just about to break into a jog. this is your personal breakpoint. Your optimum walking pace is five-10 percent less than this breakpoint between a walk and a jog, said fitness expert Joanna  Hall.

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