multifunctional_roomMany of the home care and decorating magazines we pick up at grocery stores show great ways to decorate the spare room in our homes to be used as study, library, guest room in our home office or play room. Unfortunately, many of us live in similar home which does not allow for an extra room to be totally devoted to a single purpose. Do not despair! One solution is to create a home with spaces that serve double duty.


One simple way to create a guest room in your home is to purchase a sleeper sofa or day bed that serves as seating during the day and a place for guests to sleep at night. A foam mattress is not  as comfortable as an inner-spring type, so don’t be afraid or embarrassed to actually lie down on the pulled out bed to make certain your guest will b e comfortable. Another alternative is to have built-in-banquettes in your dinning or living room. Make sure that these banquettes are long and wide  enough to accommodate your overnight guests, as well as comfortable enough to sit on it. The top of these banquettes can be filed up or removed to provide additional storage for guest lines. Also make certain that the upholstery on op of the banquettes is thick enough to provide a comfortable night’s sleep.


The trend that has more of us working at home presents the problem of designing a functional home office area that can be hidden or closed off when not in use. If you have a large closet that can be spared, it is the perfect space to create home office. during the day, doors can be left open with ample space for a desk, office equipment, storage and other items needed for your home office. When you are finished for the day, the doors can be closed to shut off your home office area, with no rearranging hassle. If you don’t have the closet available, a corner of the room can be used.


A private nook where we can sit down and read, write letters or simply daydream is  a nice gateway in our homes from our hectic,pressure-filled lives. A pair of bookcase placed strategically in a corner of a dining room, kitchen, den , living room or a bed room with a comfortable easy chair and a good floor lamp or a side table and reading lamp  creates an instant library.

Whether you live in a  sprawling mansion, cozy cottage or space efficient studio apartments, a little creativity and some careful space planning can turn your single purpose spaces into multifunctional rooms.

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