Everyone wants a home that can completely change the way they feel as soon as they set foot in the door. We want our living space to be relaxing, engaging, and practical, but at the same time, express our own personalities. Most importantly, we want it to look absolutely fabulous all the while. However, it’s often hard to achieve the look we want without doing a complete makeover. Budgets are getting tighter and tighter for everybody nowadays. Besides money, busy moms and dads don’t have the time to invest in completely repainting a room or building a new addition to the house.

Fortunately, there are several options that you can consider that don’t require you to completely remake the way your home looks. Often, just adding one or two pieces of carefully chosen furniture is enough to give your home that extra touch that it’s missing. That’s good news for busy families who have to weigh costs with every purchase!

If you’ve got a home that gets the job done but want to add something that will fit in well with your current design, then keep reading! I’ll outline four pieces of furniture that can really make a design pop without breaking your budget!

A Bohemian Love Seat

The perfect compliment to a living room or a game room, a love seat is a great piece that will not only allow you to add a little extra seating space but give a unique touch to your overall design. By taking it a step further and going for a Bohemian style loveseat, you can ensure that you’ll have a unique piece that’s sure to keep your friends and family talking about it for a long time!

Depending on the theme you’re using, your love seat could follow the basic color scheme that you’ve already established. It can enhance the emotional impact that you’re going for. Alternately, you could use a complementary color that adds some diversity and directs attention to your centerpiece. Love seats are also incredibly comfortable, don’t take up a great deal of space compared to a full-size couch, and are perfect for snuggling with a special someone.

A Traditionally Styled Area Rug

Rugs are one of the best pieces of furniture that anyone can invest in, not only because they’re beautiful, but because they have such a wide variety of applications. In particular, Traditional rugs are designed with classic patterns and colors that have made them popular for well over a century. They’re all but guaranteed to fit in nearly any home.

On the side of visual appeal, rugs carry a wide array of colors and designs, making it easy to find the perfect one for your home. There are subdued, darker colors that can subtly add a beautiful grace to your room, as well as explosions from across the rainbow spectrum that will completely wow your friends and family. On the practical side, rugs are great for protecting your hardwood or carpeted floors from stains, dirt, and abuse, and can even help your guests feel more at ease with soft, delightful textures.

Finally, rugs often contain patterns that range from simple to intricate that can either compliment your color scheme or draw the eye towards a particular element you want to highlight.

Don’t Be Afraid to Get Unorthodox with Placement

You may be thinking that rugs have to be used as a floor covering as they were intended. That’s absolutely not the case! Some unique uses for rugs that look absolutely unique include:

  • As hanging wall art
  • For a lampshade
  • Strung across the ceiling
  • As a duvet
  • As cushioning for your headboard

A Scandinavian Coffee Table

A staple that graces many living rooms all over the world, coffee tables come in such a wide array of colors, styles, and designs that you’re guaranteed to find the perfect fit for your home. In particular, Scandinavian coffee tables, with their beautiful carvings and natural materials, make for some of the best options you can get.

The most obvious advantage of a coffee table is the storage space – they’re perfect for setting down your drinks as you entertain guests, build up a catalog of your favorite magazines to read through, and keep the remote within arms reach, all without taking up a great deal of space.

However, coffee tables can also serve as a centerpiece for your room’s design. By establishing a coffee table at the center of your seating space, you can focus your family and visitors towards each other, fostering both conversation and companionship.

Alternately, you can use your coffee table as an element to tie your other furniture pieces together. By orienting other pieces around your coffee table, you can naturally direct attention to the highlight of your room.