Ever wondered about making your own perfume, wearing your favorite flower’s fragrance? There are a number of high end expensive perfumes in the market and yet you want a unique fragrance of your own which no one else has? You can make your own perfume using the flowers from your garden. Most of the perfumes you see named after icons, celebrities; brands are either synthetic based or petroleum-based.

Perfume making is a big industry today and the role of perfumers has gained popularity and is of great important in places like Paris. If you wish to make your own scent (perfume), guess what, making a ladies perfume is not that difficult and can be a natural product so you don’t have to worry about getting a rash.

  • Begin by plucking your favorite flower or multiple of them from your garden and detach the petals and put aside.
  • When making a perfume using flowers, choose a strong scented flower or if you choose to wear subtle fragrances those are also fine.
  • Wash them under clear tap water to make sure they are pesticide and dirt free.
  • Pour distilled water in a boiling pan or distill the water by boiling it and collecting the steam.
  • Put the petals in the water and let it shimmer for a couple of hours without burning.
  • Turn off the heat after those couple of hours and let the contents of the container cool.
  • Store using a glass bottle with a cork to avoid evaporation.

You can also use a slightly different method as well

  • While placing the flower petals in the container, use a cheese cloth on the bottom of it with ends hanging out.
  • Place the petals above and pour water
  • Let it sit like that for the night and in the morning squeeze the water from the cloth.
  • Let the liquid simmer for a while till only a teaspoon is left.
  • Turn off the heat and bottle the liquid.
  • Voila! You have your own scent.

If you prefer scented oils, you can make oil based perfume at home. Just use the following method

  • Choose the fragrances you like and mix them together. If you choose to wear only one perfume, use plenty of drops of that single one or choose to experiment using that 2 to 3 different variants with few drops of each.
  • Mix them together and bottle it up. Shelf life for oil based perfumes is much more and with Vitamin E added, they can last a long time.
  • Further change your homemade perfume after it has cooled especiallly if it is too strong or too subtle.

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