Divan Bed

For the vast majority of people a bed is a bed, but there is a wide variety of beds out there for those who are willing to take the time to look. Let’s take the divan bed for example: traditionally the divan bed has a hollow base coming with a mattress but without a headboard or footboard. As with every household item the divan bed has evolved over the years and now it is seen as an integral part of the bedroom storage system. The mass of space under the bed can provide the perfect storage space for bedding, towels, jumpers – in fact anything you can think of can be popped into the base of a divan bed.

Benefits of Divan Bed

These genius storage systems come in a variety of styles, the main two being the drawers on the sides which provide four separate storage boxes or, for those larger items, there are divan beds that allow the mattress to be lifted providing the whole base as ottoman-style storage space.

Divan beds tend to come with mattresses and many suppliers offer customers a great choice when it comes to these. There are currently a great range of mattresses on the market from the standard sprung mattress to the current must-have, the memory foam mattress. This great choice in mattresses means that when you pick a divan bed you are not only getting a great deal of storage space and the practicality that comes with it, but also the greatest comfort and support you can from a bed.

One of the problems people have with divan beds is the fact they are upholstered and come in a preset fabric; this can make it more difficult for them to fit in with a pre-existing color scheme than say a wooden bed frame. However, many people find that the neutral colors of the divan bed fit in well with their color schemes and can even be tied in with the right choice in headboard or foot-board.

With so much choice of divan beds out there as well as the level of practicality they offer it is not difficult to see why these are firm favorites of many consumers.

Types of Divan Bed

Divan Beds comes in two types Single Beds, Double Beds and King Size Beds. You can easily find Cheap Divan Beds online.