Makeup can do wonders and even give you an air brushed look, provided that you choose the right products and know how to use them. If you are worried about acne marks or neck lines, wrinkles, birth marks, they can all vanish with easy beauty tips and proper skin care. We are here to give you expert make up advice which can help you hide all those flaws that lower your confidence or what will help make you feel all beautiful for a special occasion.

When choosing makeup either take the salesperson’s advice or know your face and what you need before you spend heavy money. Simple makeup advice can help you look great without contemplating a face lift or Botox or laser treatment. Read below to follow basic steps that can hide a hundred flaws.

  • Choose your foundation and concealer with care – Foundation usually works to give you an even coverage and not hide scars or marks but if you are just concerned with certain shadows or lines, a good foundation and cover over them and most lightly you don’t need more than that.

    If you have heavy hereditary acne marks or scarring or acne, make sure you for a good concealer stick. When picking a foundation, check it on your wrist or hand to get something similar to your skin tone. Also use the same trick to buy loose powder. You don’t want your make up to look artificial. When choosing a concealer, pick a yellow or peachy color concealer for your skin to hide marks and under eye bags. In case of acne or blemishes use a blue or green tone to reduce the intensity of redness on your skin.

    Apply your concealer and cover it up with your foundation. Applicators are important when it comes to makeup. Use a sponge or concealer brush and foundation brush to cover evenly. Pat it on lightly with loose powder. Makeup experts also choose to use finger tips you do their basic first steps. If you choose to do so, use clean hands or dirt coupled with makeup can cause acne.

  • You face is ready to play on color with. Blush, eye makeup and lips are the bare minimum after this. Do not continue with this unless you are completely satisfied with your face and it looks flawless with even complexion and not to forget is minimally layer with makeup. The trick is to hide the imperfections by doing very little and making it look effortless.
  • Line your lips with a lip pencil and form the perfect shape and apply a primer for your eyes.
  • Having done all this, you simply have to fill in the spots with colour to give it the final look.
  • Use gloss or your favorite lipstick with a lip filler brush. A lip brush control the amount of lipstick you fill in without let it look too greasy.
  • Apply eye liner or your favorite eye shadow with the right brushes. Try going to various cosmetics brands as the huge range of different kinds of eye products requires different applicators.
  • On essential beauty tip – if you are going heavy on the lip, keep your eyes light and vice versa.

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