Getting the interior design just right for your living space is important. Your home or apartment’s interior design has the potential to reflect your interests and desires, make you feel more relaxed, and increase your productivity. A properly designed living space can also leave a lasting impression on those visiting your home.

What’s stylish and what’s outdated is continuously changing, so it can be hard to determine how to design your specific space. While your personal preferences should always be factored into your interior design decisions, here are 3 interior design ideas you can’t go wrong with in today’s age—and 3 you should generally avoid.

1 To Consider: Concrete Everything

Before shying away from this trend due to solely associating concrete with the construction and industrial worlds, hear us out.

Floors, dining tables, side tables, kitchen worktops, sinks, and even walls are all being made with concrete. Companies like Relentless Interiors make beautiful pieces of concrete furniture using micro-cement and advanced techniques of the industry.

Concrete options you select for your home will serve as a neutral backdrop for other decorations and hold up longer than furniture constructed from other materials.

Hop on the concrete interior design trend and expand the inclusion of concrete in your home from its previous restrictions to your garage and basement.

2 To Consider: Floral Wallpapers and Fabrics

The right research and selection process will help you choose a trendy floral print that isn’t reminiscent of the floral designs in your grandmother’s house. This trend is very diverse and can be adapted to suit your tastes and preferences.

Floral wallpaper in a well-lit bedroom has the potential to brighten up a space even more. Choose a brightly colored floral wallpaper that contains insects to add a pop of color and a unique style to your bedroom.

If you already have non-floral wall designs in mind, you don’t have to forget about floral altogether. Consider getting a practical piece of accent furniture, like an upholstered couch, chair, or ottoman, or seek out a decorative art piece with a colorful or more neutral floral pattern.

3 To Consider: Colorful Appliances

If the walls and countertops of your kitchen are of neutral colors, consider selecting a colorful microwave, oven, coffeemaker, and toaster to finish it off.

Colorful appliances will liven up your kitchen in a way that traditional stainless-steel appliances fail to do.

To Avoid: Geometric Patterns

Geometric patterns like ikat and trellis patterns, while once in fashion, have become increasingly overused. When used incorrectly, they can overwhelm a living space and make it appear crowded.

To Avoid: Gallery Walls

While all of the family photos you have are precious keepsakes, they are best kept together in a photo album and not on the wall of your living room.

Ten medium-sized pictures, each enclosed with bold, black frames, can make a wall look crowded. Try choosing one picture and making it the wall’s centerpiece.

Similarly, don’t overwhelm your wall with multiple landscape paintings or photos. Less is more when it comes to including pictures on your walls.

To Avoid: Farmhouse Chic

Wooden tables, vintage signs, mason jars, and barn doors were once popular additions to homes and apartments because of the rustic coziness they offer. However, this trend can seem out of place when it is utilized in an apartment located in a busy city. Oddities that are included under the umbrella of the farmhouse chic trend, like rustic wagon wheel benches, can come off as tacky. It’s best to stick to more modernized furniture and designs. Because the interior design process can be stressful and difficult at times, it is important to always have fun with it and do what satisfies your personal tastes!