Moving out is never an easy task for anyone. Though people move out for different reasons, it’s not something that you can quickly get the hang of on your first try. If you’ve ever wondered where you should put your priorities, here are three critical reminders about moving out that you should remember.

Settle your past arrangements

Included among the people that you need to contact are your movers. Make sure that you have the option to switch movers at least a week before the moving date so that you can transfer services if necessary. Though you’ll be changing homes, it’s vital that you keep your contacts with you if ever you misplace something or if you have to settle certain statements such as bills and loans. If you’re not too confident about moving out completely, it’s best that you have a back-up of contacts if ever you run into the trouble of settling debts and mortgages from your previous property.

Packing your things

Boxing your valuables properly is one of the most integral parts of moving to a new home. Since dealing with packing is the most challenging part of moving, it should be your top priority. Nothing’s worse than mislabeling and losing your boxes during the trip. Deciding which items you will keep and what you will bring is essential, as you’ll be transferring not just your clothes and sofas, but also your private business documents. If you can, try to have your more personal files with you instead of being bundled with your dresses and other valuables.

Prioritizing renovations and other urgent concerns

Finally, moving into a new place might give you a better idea of what the quirks of the new property are. Since you’ll have more time to roam around the property, you might be able to see some issues that you weren’t able to see in the online catalog or when you visited during the open house. Take the time to do a sweep of the entire premises, from checking the plumbing to looking for cracks in the walls. Making small renovations early before the rest of your belongings are unpacked can make it easier to deal with the days of construction. For the flooring, try to do a good check on your floorboards if they’re rickety or cracked. A fast and long-term solution would be installing vinyl wood flooring layered on top of your current tiles as a secure and stable patch-up for stained and scratched surfaces. For walls, try to do a test on how easy it is to peel off the paint. Cheap brands might be used by homeowners to keep the paint looking fresh, but they can be susceptible to weakening once slightly damaged. Lastly, have your local plumber or electrician do a routine check of your power lines and pipes. It’s best to find any errors now so that you can let your landlord take over the responsibility of patching things up before you move in.