feng_shuiNothing says, I Love You more than, well I love you but importantly to know is – how , when and where to say this magical phrases in a manner that makes a long lasting impact in your world. Right rear sector of your home/ and your bedroom is the love sector of Feng Shui Bagua. This area relates to all in one-to-one relationship, including those with a spouse, partner, employer, employee or a best friend. It is the most feminine part of the house and needs to be warm and welcoming. This area  is associated with the earth element – specifically, black fertile earth that anything can grow in.  If it is warm, welcoming, safe and comfortable, I am sure you soon will find keys to unlock hearts. Feng shui will never let you down.Relationships play an important part in our lives, getting well with people and having support of partner, family or friends play a major role in it.

Women wishing to attract the male chi’ into their orbit, may use the symbolism of dragon. An excellent symbol for single men , who may be looking for an ideal partner to marry and with whom to start a family, is the Phoenix. This symbol works well for encouraging good marriage luck for single men.

Quick Cures

Dragon-Headed Turtle will help if your relationship is a bit stagnant and you want it to develop or if looking for a partner/ The dragon symbolizes good luck and protection, the turtle represent long life and wisdom for relationship and a baby turtle brings all sorts of new beginnings.

– One of the best ways to activate your relationship energies is by clearing out the clutter in your relationship and romance . Also, if you find anything that reminds you of an old relationship must be destroyed and thrown away to make way for the new relationship to take its place.

Cleaning your home is most important if a relationship has ended and you are having difficulty moving on. You need to light three incense sticks to remove negative energy and vibrations that have built up and are causing stagnation in the atmosphere.

– Now you are ready to welcome the new relationship. According to feng shui, pink is the main color and 2 is the number associated with romance. Remember to place things to Paris in your bedroom or in the relationship sector of your home.

Place red or pink flowers, preferably in pink, white glass or crystal vases on both of your besides tables. If you use roses, remove the thorns before you put them on the table. All flowers belong to fire element and relate  to the heart chakra.

– Another powerful cure is enacted by placing a picture of the Mystic Knot or Double Happiness Symbol in the relationship sector of your house or bedroom. These are very powerful symbol.

– A red lover’s knot signifies longevity because it swallows its own tail and appears to be endless. It also symbolizes uninterrupted long and happy life to keep a relationship strong and lasting.

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