Spring is a brief but sweet season. Vibrant colours and warmth mark the end of winter, and people breathe a sigh of relief as the world slowly springs back to life. Your house should be doing the same, as there’s no need for closed curtains in the mid-afternoon any longer. Of course, you can do much more to add a “spring” to your house’s step than simply throw open the doors to let some warmth in on the milder days; you could take this opportunity to give your home a bit of a spring makeover, as well as a spring cleaning. Here are some interior design tips to get your place looking warm and jolly for this time of year.

Spring cleaning.

We all hate doing it, but spring cleaning will do more than make your home hygienic (which is reason enough, in all honesty). A clean home will alter your state of mind and reflect the way the world looks outside your window; clean, fresh and ready for some warmer weather over coming months.

Spring cleaning doesn’t just have to include dealing with dusty mantelpieces or windowsills; you can take this opportunity to tidy up the house and create some more open spaces in the house.You want a nice, refresh, breathable living room sitting right next to your garden so that you’ll still feel those sunny, spring vibes even when you have to, unfortunately, come back inside.

Floral design.

You can take that as literally as you want. You could either look into giving your house a bit of a fresh face in terms of floral design; perhaps some new, spring-themed crockery would do the quick. Even your bedroom could be livened up with some fresh, colourful bedding, and companies such as Vaulia have ranges out for that sort of thing. The point is that you can use this fresh new season as an excuse to freshen up your house aesthetically.

Flowers themselves, of course, can’t be beaten. You could start filling every room in your house with flowers to match the color theme of the specific room. Soft and bright colors work best in spring time, as Tulips and Daffodils are some of the more popular flowers which blossom during this season. Of course, there’s no rule stating that you can’t buy flowers of all varieties, as long as they match the colors, patterns and general stylistic tendencies of the rooms in your house.

Floral design

Lighting is everything.

Lighting is crucial in spring, and your home could really benefit from letting in as much natural light as possible through its windows. You want your house to feel just as much sun as you do. Transparent surfaces, mirrors and other objects with reflective surfaces should become your new best friend over this season, as they can amplify the work done by the existing windows in a room. Repainting the walls in the house in a white or creamy shade could also do wonders to help brighten up the space in your home.