Your wedding is going to be the happiest day of your life, so you’ll want to make it a day to remember. A lot of weddings can be a bit of a drag, and it can feel like you’ve been to the same ceremony hundreds of time. Even though tradition is nice, it can get a bit dull. You don’t want your guests yawning through your vows, and you want everybody to be talking about it for years to come. If you want your big day to go off with a bang, here are some unique wedding ideas that you could try.

A Luxury Reception Lounge

Give your guests a place to take a break from the festivities and relax in style by creating a luxurious lounge at the reception. Fill it with gorgeous armchairs and sofas for them to lounge around on while they take a break from drinking and dancing. That way, people will be more willing to stay until the end of the night.


You’ve probably already sorted out a classy way for you and your new spouse to travel from the ceremony to the reception, but have you considered your guests? Find a local wedding planner, and discuss some ideas with them.  You could leave them to jump in some taxi’s, but that wouldn’t be very interesting or memorable. Possibly a big party bus with music and drinks for the journey, or if you really want to dazzle, you could consider transporting your guests by hot air balloon.

Useful Wedding Favors

Wedding favors can often be a bit of a disappointment, and guests might end up stuffing them in a cupboard when they get home. But if you give them something useful, that they might actually want to keep, then they will always have something to remember the day by. If your guests are going to be dancing all night, try giving them some flip-flops. Anybody wearing a huge pair of heels will be eternally grateful. If you are having an outside reception, you could offer them some nice scarves in your wedding colors to make sure people don’t get too chilly.

Child Care

Kids can be a bit of a handful at a wedding, and parents will love you if you give them a bit of a break so they can let their hair down without worrying. Set up a room and hire a few babysitters that can entertain the kids while the parents go and have a few drinks. Keep the room well stocked with sweets and toys, and you’ll have the most popular wedding out there.

Creative Guest Book

Your guest book is something that you can look back on in years to come and remember your day by, so you want it to be inventive. You could have guests write messages on jenga blocks instead of in the standard book, or create a puzzle with photos of the happy couple and have everybody sign a piece.

Inventive Music Choices

The traditional string quartet is always nice at a wedding but it’s been done so many times before. Maybe try some more interesting music ideas like having a jazz trio, or doing a funny dance routine for your first dance.

By incorporating some of these unique wedding ideas, you can make sure that your big day goes off with a bang.