child_yelling_backModern kids these days tend to dis obey their parents and often misbehave especially with their mothers but what is making them rude and why they aren’t listening to their parents now?  Back in the old days, children obeyed their parents and did not fight back even when their parents were wrong. However, today, children have a mind of their own and will shout and yell back at you. Old people argue that the Television and environment is making them rude and disobedient but is it the case? Lets find out more about it

Why children are rude?

Your child might snap at you or yell back at you because he wants to express himself. Somehow, your child has the idea that if he screams and fights with you every time he disagrees with you, then you will finally give up one day and give in. He may have also started snapping at you because he has seen you and your spouse fight with each other and believes that yelling is what every person does when he wants something. You may be surprised that your child yells back, since you feel that you have taught him well. However, even if you have taught your child right from wrong, he feels that by yelling he will get your attention and be heard.

How to stop the rudeness?

There are some things that you as a parent can do to help your child improve his behavior. First of all do not fight with your spouse in front of your child. You are a role model for your child and your child will copy your behavior. Also try to show your child that there are other ways to express a difference of opinion than yelling and being rude. Show him and demonstrate that speaking in a calm and rational manner can do wonders. If you have started yelling at your child and your child replies back, instead of screaming back, go into another room or go for a walk until you have calmed down. This will give both of you a chance to come back to your senses and be able to speak with each other peacefully. You will understand each other better and come to an agreement that pleases both of you. In addition, it will show your child that yelling and snapping is not the right way to solve a disagreement.

Children will be rude and will yell back unless they are shown that they will be heard and acknowledged even if they do not yell. They have opinions and ideas about the world, which they want you to understand and agree with also. Be open-minded and help your child speak to you with respect!!

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