unrealistic-expectations-from-childParent’s unrealistic expectation from their child may cause him/her to suffer a lot without any mistake from their end. Nowadays many children are facing and dealing with their parents unrealistic expectations. Any kinds of unrealistic expectation of parents from their child which can be academically or in any sphere of life risk your child’s mental, physical and emotional well being. Children under this kind of pressure often begin to refuse to attempt anything unless they are convinced that they will be the best at it. They fear being perceived by their parents as imperfect. I have counseled many academically bright kids whose parents’ unrealistically high academic expectations have caused them to stop trying in school — to the point of academic failure

It’s a life of fear, sadness and low self-worth to know that your best efforts might never be good enough for your parents — that you, in fact, are not good enough for your parents.

Parents who put this kind of unhealthy pressure on their kids need to have discussions with teachers and counselors about the negative consequences of their unrealistic expectations. Their child might be doing well academically, but this does not mean their parenting approach is correct.

Are Your Unrealistic Expectations burdening your child?

Here are top 12 tips on how to save your child from unrealistic expectations.

  • –  Timetable management i.e. planning, organizing and setting a time table is an activity which requires parents supervision and guidance, Make sure you help your child to develop a timetable for him/her.
  • – Always motivate your child to develop a right kind of encouraging environment ensuring a effective growth and development for your child. This helps in keeping the kid happy and avoiding stress.
  • – Assist and facilitate your child to develop a positive self esteem, self -discipline, self-direction, self-confidence and a sense of achievement in his personality.
  • – Always remember a child needs your emotional support which could not be substituted by giving good schooling and good tuition.
  • – Falling marks and grades in general discourages the child. Do not burden the child with your expectation and anxiety, just be with him in tough times and help him develop a positive attitude and positive self esteem even in hard times.
  • – Always remember each child id different and has their own capabilities. So make sure you set your expectations according to his/her capability and make sure these goals are realistic and achievable.
  • – Family conflicts and academic issues should be separated for overall baby development.
  • – Use positive statements “well done” “Great job” , “you can do better” to encourage and praise your kid for achievements in his/her life.
  • – Do not keep nagging with him for his schedule instead sit together and develop a schedule with him.
  • – Always use humor and be light with your child. Humor has a tendency to relieve from tensions and also enables the baby to develop a good sense of humor which will help him in a long run.
  • – Try to help your child find a solution. This will make you gain his/ her confidence and thus will enable him/her to share their problems with you without any hesitation.
  • – Don’t panic yourself and the child during exams. Always remember exams are not end of the world.

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