I wonder what makes an actress take a decision to strip down for Playboy or other magazines? Reasons could be exposure and lots of money. Many famous celebrities have bared all for Playboy, W Magazine or Seductive Magazines in the past. Lindsay Lohan is the new addition to Playboy (is paid 1 million dollars). You will be shocked to know that many celebrities right from 1950’s posed for Playboy many times and earned in millions. No wonder why Playboy is the most sought after magazine. Here are the names of 21 celebrities who bared all for Playboy and other magazines:

1. Adrianne Curry (Earned approximately $2,000,000 from Playboy)
2. Anna Nicole Smith
3. Brooke Burke
4. Carmen Electra
5. Cindy Crawford
6. Daryl Hannah
7. Denise Richards
8. Drew Barrymore
9. Gabrielle Reece
10. Heidi Montag
11. Jaime Pressly
12. Kim Basinger
13. Kim Kardashian (W Magazine)
14. Kristy Swanson
15. Pam Anderson
16. Rachel Hunter
17. Sally Field
18. Shannen Doherty
19. Sharon Stone
20. Tara Reid (Seductive Magazine)
21. Lindsay Lohan ($1 million)